To Him They Belong

Down to sleep
their souls to keep
innocent and meek
Shaken … in shock
Grim trauma that seeps
out from the gutter
to reap
Below life’s glitter
where mothers weep
for innocence shattered
beyond all hope
Watch out now
Take care
Given enough rope
all things dark
and fearful
… into the deep

Tell me it isn’t so
down below
where the sirens sings
The hand pulling string
Through the madness
I glimpse the enemy
seething in a hatred
for all of humanity
The young, the old
slave or free
Under the blazing sun
Under the gun
and bombs
in the hands
of young children
Better a rock
tied to the neck
Masters of fear
Lords of war
… into the deep

Only stardust?
Are we golden?
tarnished and broken?
Compassion lacking?
Truly nothing lost
… for good
All things gained
Jesus loves me
Yes, this I know
His grace
his mercy
surrounds me
Some things seen only
through the lens
of eternity

For goodness sake
my soul to take
back to the Garden
Loving kindness
like a forgiven mistake
The thrill of life
with great excitations
All things bright
and beautiful
Those Good Vibrations
The Universe unfolding
Expectations rewarding
of a Father loving

the Prince of Peace
needs be returning
How long?
For to Him they belong
Because they are weak
Watch out now
Take care
For He is strong!
The One
and only true hope
Their souls to keep

Given enough rope
destroyers of innocence
… now into the deep

~ by david redpath © 2017

PhotoArt: david redpath

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