For Ernesto Che Guevara

At last
I’ve seen the past
and much like the future
it was murder
Since the beginning
of forever
brother Cain came
with low blows
to impose
some kind of order
I thank Christ
some had time to grasp
the hand at task
For chaos never stops
to counts the cost
But I blame myself
for a world of mayhem
and disorder
ever since the canonization
of my dear friend
Ernesto Che Guevara

Setting sail
to storm the gates of hell
with only my Kalashnikov
a missile Russian made
and a comrade with a vessel
willing to run the blockade
I boarded
bound and gagged
for Cuba
To help my dear friend Che
get things under way
But I was blocked
loaded, & locked
by the Presidential order
of J.F.K.
Since the C.I.A.
were blowing up cargo boats
in the bay of Havana
Yet Bobby Kennedy
saved my life
and avoid nuclear strife
with shock‘n awe
by cold war law & order

I warned Ernesto
not to go
rumbling in the jungle
searching for El Dorado
Saying …
“Che, only martyrdom
and oblivian awaits
your Bolivian Revolution.”
The Marxist crime
against space and time
throwing baby Jesus
out with the bathwater
of old religion.
Whilst dreaming
and intravenousin’
the opiate
of a Utopian State
Some things are greater
than the politics
of economics and anger
And more powerful
than the fireworks of hate

what more can I say
than may God bless
Fidel Castro and J.F.K.
And the Doctor from Argentina
Ernesto Che Guevara

by david redpath © 2017


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