Deeply Eternal

God imagining everything
. . . including mankind
Mountains of gold
Rivers of sunshine
In all of Nature’s Kingdom
only man
be troubled by angels
and demons
The shallow mellow
The deeply fried
The prosperity blessed
The fashionably dressed
The stolen … The taken
The cast aside, the slave,
the child soldier,
the child bride
The broken and forsaken
The dignified
and self satisfied
upon that open highway
… a mile wide
Mountains of gold
Rivers of poison

Vapour trails along
the road most travelled
Praying to the smoke
of a crooked reflection
Beams of light
waiting to be unraveled
where tolerance
is a dying voice
Religion that tolerates
no opposition
Opposition that tolerates
no religion
Is freedom really
a matter of choice ?
Diversity … Totality
… what’s the reality ?
Corporation Legislation
Always taking
the easy option
One man’s prosperity,
another man’s starvation
Fools for gold,
a flood of corruption

The snares of fear
and the creeps of crime
The skin deep caught
in the sweep of time
Prophets of Economics
counting the cost
A flood of tears
for innocence lost
Union corruption
and greedy bosses
Under the drapes
of unnatural forces
The meek, just pressed meat
between boardroom sandwiches
Spiritual malnutrition
and junk food dining
Arches of gold
Rivers of poison

Big dreams
of mass consumption
Fists of the ungrateful
the knife and the fork
with hands bleeding
Bites from the mouth
North and south
east and west
from the least
to the greatest,
souls of trauma retreating
to where reality is fracturing
Opinions and divisions
ever changing
Philosophies and fashions
forever fleeting
A planet organic
wrapped up in plastic
Bigger fish to fry
in the sea of tragic
A world of suicide
going along for the ride
The Truth eternal
and freestanding
Fate and fortune
… choosing a side
Where will you stand
when the ground is dissolving
and your world stops revolving?
A living word;
“The Earth, complete and whole,
belongs to the Lord.”
Mountains of gold
Rivers of sunshine

To crawl and fall
To rise up and stand tall
What seems to be unseen,
with nowhere to hide
Faith, Hope, and Love
As the Groom with his Bride
and those things upon wings
of which angels sing
For which the heavens ring
Things eternal
The things that abide
The songs of old
by the rivers of Babylon

Man’s inhumanity
towards his fellow man
was never a part
of God’s ever lovin’ plan
At times we all
get the words wrong
But just like Bob Dylan
keep on singing along .

Moutains of gold
Rivers of sunshine

~ by david redpath © 2017

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