No Exits ~ Exist On


In the car park
of oblivion
best leave
your engine running
Don’t phone it home
all on your own
If you’ve got the App
of a beating heart
and an overflowing cup
don’t text it to the exit
Sexit up …
if you really must
Just don’t let
your love rust
and turn into dust
when life is a bust

You may not know why
but give it a try
to multiply
when true love from above
falls from the sky
and fully satisfied
Somewhere between
celibacy and intimacy
with nowhere to hide
Where many come to grief
upon the reef of lust
The road is long
so leave your engine running
Don’t become a broken crust
without a song of love
to be singing

Resistance … Existence
even when the going
seems all wrong
Running low
Running short
when the odds are long
Covering the distance
In the shadow
winging it
from weak to strong
through all that’s bleak
The cure is to endure
with all that’s pure
The power to win it
from the highest peak
To name it
to own it
and to speak it
Endless love
with no need
for an exit

Running the race
with grace in first place
Keep on seeking on
throughout the expanse
Belong with the best
Take the living chance
And then … Peace in Rest
May God bless
the multiverse
of your personal space
with Christ Consciousness
riding the crest

Salvation Meditation
Become the Transfiguration
The Host transforming
all within
and within all
… most becoming
For Life is an occasion
Overcome with
more than the sum
Be part of
the greater equation

Don’t be without
Keep on tracking
that love groove
Straight and smooth
Kingdom never ending
From the very beginning
gracious mercy
Yours for the taking
For truly
there is a Saviour
and he be soon returning
So please leave
your engine running

~ by david redpath © 2018

“When my father and mother
forsake me, then the Lord
will take care of me.
Teach me your way O Lord.
Lead me in a straight and
smooth path …” ~ PSALMS

“… for love comes from
God. Anyone who loves is a
child of God and knows God.
But anyone who does not
love does not know God,
for God is love.”
~ John the Disciple

“To love is to find pleasure
in the happiness of others.”
~ Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

‘Christ of St.John of the Cross’
~ by Salvador Dali

Photo: david redpath © 2018

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