The Tower of Song


To find truth without faith,
love and hope,
like trying to climb Mt. Everest
naked, without oxygen, or even a rope.
Not saying it can’t be done,
but man, sounding like a clang !
Or have I found that love thang ?
Try as you might to sight the heavens,
like pointing a microscope
to the skies
from the dire mire basement
in which your standing.
Far better, in the light,
seeing the world
through heaven’s eyes.
Holy Mindfulness is the place
where we all belong.
As Leonard Cohen, he’s moving on
to the Tower of Song.

With more skat than a cat
can poke it’s eyeballs at,
As the punk in the Midnight Choir
starts to twist & shout.
Yet , the All in All , all too beautiful
for a bird on a wire to sing about.
Getting a feel of the real deal,
that love thing.
Upon a mission, a royal commission,
seeking foremost the Kingdom.
It all starts from within.
Be in it to win it,
the right … from wrong.
And Leonard Cohen, he’s moving on
to the Tower of Song.

Me … I too have tried,
in my way , to be free.
If it be your will … then let it be.
Yet, here on earth,
they sentenced me
to forty years of mayhem
for spying the celebrants of sin.
Tell me , where does this world end,
and Eden begin ?
Because I don’t like your
toxic culture mister.
And I don’t like the choir
you’re singing in.
I don’t like Big Brothers twisted sister.
He is coming back …
He’s coming to reward them.
The King of Hearts, and minds,
the Prince of Peace returning.
First we seek the Kingdom.
Kingdom starts within.
And Leonard Cohen, he’s moving on,
to the Tower of Song.

I’ve been buried,
and I’ve been dug up.
I call it grace amazing.
You called it dumb luck.
And thank you for those items
that you sent me.
The stone monkey,
and the ink under my skin.
I’ve tunnelled towards the light
and now I’m ready.
First we occupy the Kingdom,
then let freedom ring.
Yes, Jesus was a sailor
when He walked upon the water.
And Leonard Cohen, he’s sailing on
to the Tower of Song.

Through all the pulp fiction,
from hell’s kitchen,
to that pie in the sky dreamin’,
I really like to walk the tightrope baby.
I really like to hear those Sirens sing.
But to see that nightmare
prowling through creation …
Jesus told us, yes he told us,
Kingdom starts with.

Remember me ?
I use to to live without
rhyme or reason.
Remember me ?
I plugged your Hi-Fi in.
You loved me as a loser.
You’d hate me ever to win.
Yes, Jesus was a sailor
when he walked upon the water.
With Christ, my ship has decidedly,
actually, and finally, come in.
No longer tied to a kitchen chair,
“Glory” … And a Holy, “Hallelujah”!
But first we take the Kingdom.
Losing it all to win.
And Leonard Cohen,
he’s singing along,
in the Tower of Song.

I’m counselled by a whisper
in the heavens.
I was blinded by visions in a spin.
And it’s, “So long Chicken Maryland”.
That frozen turkey in a basket,
and a casket of deplorables ,
always hanging in.
Now I’m guided by the beauty
of creation.
and a thirsting for the Kingdom.
As it is in Heaven
… His will being done.
Jesus told us, yes he told us,
Kingdom is within.
And Leonard Cohen, he’s moved on,
to the Tower of Song.

~ by david redpath © 2017

Artwork; ‘La Musica Sacra’
~ by Luigi Mussini

PhotoArt: david redpath
© 2017

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