The Poet Supreme,
was and is,
as in the beginning.
Good creation.
The Word divinely spoken.
Within the material
all harmony vibrating.
Awaiting the spiritual.

Once upon a space and time,
the Garden Living.
A story in the telling ?
Halcyon days of innocence,
but a millenium in Your presence.
Turning the page
to a happy ever after,
never ending.

Bursting out from the Hotel Eden
a thunderous explosion.
The trembling earth
cracked wide open,
as from the firery breath
of a vengeful dragon.
Smoke, flames, and confusion.
Shattered glass.
Everything broken.
The dead and the dying,
a shrine to destruction.
Upon bloodied lips
the burning question,
“How could a loving God
allow this to happen?”
From ground zero, down below,
someone is shouting,
“Allah Akbar !”,
“Hasta La Vista, Baby.”,
and, “Viva La Revolución !”.
The Knowledge of Good and Evil ?
Well, that’s where you’re living.

Turning paradise
into a concrete mess.
Into broken rubble of trouble.
Amongst the lowliest
of the terrible,
marked with Cain.
Through the killing fields,
the vilest of violence,
a spreading stain.

Wondering … Wandering
the lysergic wilderness,
to clear my mind.
A city of madness,
friends and family,
all left behind.
Where the politics of greed
trumps need,
amid collisions explosive.
Like lost innocence,
drowning in a sea of envy,
and religions divisive.
Am I, like the millions before me,
fleeing the poverty of desolation ?
The curse of Rebel Nation ?
Who ?
Talking about my generation.
You who believe in magic
yet scoff at blessing.
I believe in love,
with all the salad dressing.
Me, who knows nothing,
except Christ’s manifestation.
when ?
His crucifixion and resurrection.
Accept His divine blessing.
Exclusively for you,
and me, it’s free !
(I am a satisfied customised
. . . witness.)
And there for the taking.
Along with a whole load
of forgiveness,
just for the asking.

All creation proclaims
God is one.
In unity true, we too,
should be One with the Son.
They think me mistaken.
“Where is the grand blessing ?”
“Might makes right !”
But might is fleeting.
Pride put aside,
tell me again,
how the mighty have fallen.

Left, or Right,
or even Green.
Red, better off dead,
or in between.
Be anxious for no such thing.
If neurotic love,
the philo of pastry,
or eros hasty
are not your scene ?
Destitution, or
the destination of destiny ?
Gone tomorrow, here to stray.
My cup overfloweth.
Then, as ever, runneth away.
The karma of instant trauma.
Conflicted by the conflict
of dark chocolate regret.
Always with the Institution
of Surplus & Deficit.
Always swinging
at a moving target.

In need of a Love Resurrection.
I’m resolved there be
a resolution.
Wheels revolving.
Patience fulfilling.
The Supreme, the Sublime,
the Celestial Solution.
Kingdom Come,
may come as a shock,
to that big fat con
of a global constitution ?
Tell me once more
how the mighty have fallen.

Knowledging … following,
the Good Shepherd leading.
No need for dread
along that elevated heading.
Knowing not
what the future holds.
Yet knowing Him
who holds the future.
Looking good
in supernal splendour.

Passing over today,
the liberation.
Left for dead,
yet freedom riding.
True believing.
Mount Sinai climbing,
eternity glimpsing.
The passion burning
in the shadow of Your wing.
as spots falling
off the leopard flying.
Over a sea of trouble.
Your presence,
in the darkness,
A blaze of glory, towering.
My daily bread,
manna sustaining.
Milk and Honey tomorrow,
The promise of Your Word
forever dwelling.

Yet, by the rivers
of mass communication,
a captive audience
With ears bleeding,
Ceaselessly speaking.
Sleepers walking.
Onlookers gazing
without ever seeing.
Always fearing the giants
of dark imaginings.
Speak Lord, for finally,
your wayward servant,
he is listening.
Your Word, life giving.
Vision inspiring,
with dreams divining.
Your silence … deafening.

The darkest hour
before the dawn.
Good news breaking
upon those who mourn.
“True Faith makes Right !”
The Sun arising
… People of Light,
children of laughter,
let love shine,
in the glow of reconciliation.
Turn your hearts to one another.
Day by day, the good or the bad.
Yours … to master.

Well, that’s a decision.
Truth and Justice.
That’s just how it is.
For God will restore
the whole Earth
and give it to His children
as an endless inheritance.
Empathogenesis … Metamorphosis.

. . . by david redpath © 2017

(With my cup overflowing)
… by david redpath © 2017

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