Like a Rising Stone


A time for Life.
To seek. To be found.
To feel. To be touched.
To hear truth.
How sweet the sound.
To taste goodness.
Goodness to be tasted.
To love. To be loved.
Without the Divine …
life and time truly wasted.

For, once upon a time
you would drift so fine,
through a blurred line,
past your prime.
Didn’t you ?
Within the spin of a freefall
you heard the call.
But yet you felt
to open the door
to the One for all
was somehow beneath you !
You used to laugh about
everybody that was reaching out.
Now you don’t talk so loud
upon your mobile cloud.
Now you don’t seem so proud
scrounging around for some
last minute exit deal.

Now how does it feel ?
Tell me, how does it feel ?
To be on your own,
into the great unknown,
with no direction home.
Downhill and alone
like a rolling stone .

Always the cat walking,
stalking, and talking
the survival fit.
Nobody ever taught you how
to seek the meek discreet.
Now you find, looking behind,
you shoulda oughta
have sought after it.
You used to fly high
with your raptor pack.
As on the wings of a vulture
circling after
some drive-by snack.
Speed feeding the link missing
upon your back .
Ain’t it hard
when you discover that
mother lovin’ really wasn’t
where he’s at
after he took from you
everything he could steal.

Now how does it feel,
holding a dead man’s hand,
with no cards left to deal ?
Serving a vanquished throne ?
Like an unpaid loan
to a creditor unknown.
Like a flightless drone.
Like a sinking stone.

Never saw through
your mystery guru
as he blew voodoo smoke at you.
Never understood
that it ain’t no good,
you shouldn’t let old men
in robes, and suits,
get your truths for you.
To upsize … to realise …
Will you ever recognise ?
Is the question never to arise,
between the lightening sky diamonds
still lingering in your eyes ?
Visions of delusion,
your chosen prize.
To win forever
begins the grand compromise.
With Lucy in disguise,
who supplies you
all your false alibis.
As you pray over a vacuum
of old lies, and say,
you’ve found a new way
… of keeping it real !
And how absolutely everything
is just so surreal!
If all those paths
lead to paradise
how come, hun, you’ve become
such a mess,
whilst dumpster diving
you’re last meal ?

Now how does it feel ?
Tell me, how does it feel ?
To be without a home.
A seed unsown.
Like an undialed tone
to a disconnected phone.
Tapped out, and spiked
… by a pointing bone.

Another People’s Princess
of bewilderness.
Roaming, rolling, and stoning
the great waylaid.
How you gonna lay waste,
How you gonna lie straight
now that your bed is made ?
Reflections of magnificence,
and all precious gifts,
to you God gave.
But who took and broke
your token innocence,
then went and pawned it babe ?
You used to be so amused
by the Man of Faith
and the language that he used.
Go to Him now, he calls you.
How could you refuse … ?
Truth for the seeker,
dazed and confused.
Restoration divine
for the broken and bruised.
Liberation sublime
for the captive accused.
Right and royal refuge
for the used and abused.
When you’ve got nothing
you’ve got nothing to lose.
You’re transparent to Him,
you’ve got no secrets
to conceal.

For I know how it feels.
Lord, I know how it feels.
To be on your own.
In despair, threadbare,
and prone.
By a wild wind blown
places mother
would never condone.
beyond all flesh and bone.
within a floating stone.
Yet found,
to find you are not alone.
There is a King upon the throne,
with the directions home.
Through dimensions of glory
wholly unknown.
Beholding a smarter phone,
mobilized & free to roam.
The way being shown
out from a Twilight Zone.
All curses broken and thrown
past the weeds being mown.
Like a seed that is sown,
a tree to be grown,
upon the Rock …
like a rising stone.

~ by david redpath © 2017




The Outstanding Stones of Stenness

PhotoArt: david redpath © 2017

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