Upon a Dragon’s Breath


‘Angelica saved by Ruggiero’
~ by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

Upon a Dragon’s Breath
(And the Persistence of Grace)

This existence an enigma …
wrapped in a shroud of destruction.
Death and life, trouble and strife.
Reflections from a mirror shattered.
A toxic cloud…in mass production.
The suffocation, the slow seduction,
riding the trail of a dragon’s breath.

Life or death
within a dragon’s breath.
Scaling the heights,
plunging the depths.
between faith and fear,
a relationship
of love and hate,
upon the prayer wheel of fate.
A rocking road trip
aboard a sinking ship
on a “magic swirling” trip.
Like the warm embrace
of a lingering wraith
forever searching
for a landing strip.
The fall out,
the twist & shout.
The seesaw
within a revolving door.
God only knows
what’s it all about ?
What exactly are we here for ?
Living the bread
with the quick and the dead.
The cold earth calls me.
It’s gravity heavy
… heavy like lead.
As the soul is stripped
and the body bled.
Sliding off the scale.
Trying hard not to inhale
that dragon’s breath.

Life or death
upon a dragon’s breath.
Dust off my shoes,
heavy with these
earth bound blues,
where nothing is ever enough.
Left far behind,
the rust and burnt crust,
the deaf and the blind,
by the choices they choose,
when love is a bust.
The short and the tall.
But what of the very small,
who had no choice ?
No choice at all.
Lost in the nursery crime
of space and time
since innocence took the fall.
And pride learnt to crawl
across the keyboard of your mind.
Held tight in a trance,
like the fiery embrace
of a dragon’s breath.

Holiness defiled
like trash in a can.
Truth defined by those
who don’t understand.
Four sheets to the wind
as the sins of the wolf
smeared onto the lamb.
As if by plan
Truth found guilty
for not making a stand.
A gun still smoking
in the deceiver’s hand.
Fake good news flowing
throughout the land.
It’s length and breadth
tainted with the stench.
That “covfefe” of a stench
like a dragon’s breath.

Is it Truth ?
How clearly do I see ?
“God is Love”…
the word that I’ve heard
keeps on telling me.
Even to love my nearest
and dearest worst enemy.
Your words of love,
like a royal hand
in a loyal glove.
May that taste of grace,
lingering since birth,
not be a waste.
Like all the hot air
of a dragon’s breath.

This broken existence
always in crisis.
Always seeking an exit.
The peril existential.
Never forget, true grit
is in the Spirit.
That pearl of great price,
beyond all flesh,
taken by persistence,
on the insistence of faith.
With all mercy and grace
fulfilling the void
of your personal space.
Between a rock and a hard place
that Kingdom within.
life is for living.
Breathe it in.

Surrender or resistance ?
Beyond sugar and spice.
Held firm in the vice
of some religious device,
and all things men call
No comparison
to the Garden of Creation.
No night flight to Jerusalem.
The ‘Den of Thieves’
is back in town.
Yet the Door of Peace
… it is always open.
Going into orbit
and breaking free
of this world’s heavy duty
hate filled grav-it-ee.
For the children of light
the light years
but an excursion.
The Regal in full flight
upon the wings of an eagle.
Empowered by the might
of a love resurrection.

Death and life,
overcoming the strife.
Life and death,
and all the rest.
Unity in creation
Heaven blessed.
Living this life
upon the crest
of a Holy breath.

A cool change coming
in the light of morning.
Lighter than air
and under full sail.
I’m on the trail of love.
Hot on love’s tail.
Far above the push ‘n’ shove.
I’m over that big dry kiss,
the kiss of betrayal.
Getting with the Spirit.
The Highest
and the Most
of maximum graciousness.
The toast of humankind.
The Christ Jesus
… at great cost,
the host of your very existence.
with a trace of grace.
That scent,
exclusively, heaven sent.
Goodness gracious …
Godly Richness at Christ’s Expense.

~ by david redpath © 2017


‘St. Michael’ ~ by Raphael



‘St. Michael Vanquishing Satan’ ~ by Raphael


‘St. George’ ~ by Raphael



Photography: david redpath © 2017

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