The Garden Datura

The Angelic Triathlon
of a lysergic urge;
The Up ‘n’ Away …
mind baggage to purge
The Look All Around …
with eyes once blind
And then,the Big Come Down
via the Big Dipper
around the Cosmic Bend

Held in the Datura Garden
somewhere beyond nature
hidden deep within a space
and time triangulation
Not for the meek
for the body is weak
But angels,they belong
Yet, please be so kind
not to be a closed mind
behind a drawn blind
gone all worldly wrong

There is a purpose
for that emptiness
down deep in your soul
Never forget
in the spirit
you are greater
than all you defeat

Seekers of all creation
steer clear of the synthetic
Take care, beware of poison
where angels trumpet
the knowledge of darkness
… and light.
Saints and sinners,
losers and winners,
with heaven’s love
so pure and bright,
the choices are always
black or white.
Doing justly
Loving mercy
Walking humbly
Living carefully
Forgiving recklessly

When all but over,
that carnival of the night,
yet morning’s rising glory
still many miles away.
And a warm bed
nowhere in sight,
as the legs
of evening’s dregs
now beginning to sway.

Yes, we are body weak
And the angels,
in spirit belong.
Yet, with a touch of grace,
and all of time and space,
the Kingdom to seek
the shepherd meek
For He is strong
And to Him, you and me,
we all truly belong

… by david redpath © 2018

Adonis left dead tired *


“All forms of love, suffering,
and madness. He [the poet]
searches himself.
He exhausts all poisons
in himself and keeps only
their quintessence.”
~ Arthur Rimbaud

However, as it is written:
“What no eye has seen,
what no ear has heard,
and no human mind has
conceived” ~ the things God
has prepared for those who
love him ~ these are the
things God has revealed to
us by his Spirit. The
Spirit searches all things,
even the deep things of God.
~ Paul the Apostle

PhotoArt: david redpath
© 2018

* ‘Venus led by Cupid to the
dead Adonis’~by Jacopo Bertoia

(Eyeballs courtesy
of Salvador Dali)img-1354-01-1903793435.jpeg

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