On the Road … Again

I spent a lifetime bent
circling the drain
of that astral plain
within my brain
A message sent
called by name
somewhere between
insanity and vanity
… “Be wholly sane”
Time to quit
that losing game
Now I’m tapping
a flowing vein
I know not
from whence it came ?
Hope, faith, and love
…What a surprise !
Making it nice
Never the same
A miracle to my eyes
Should I try to refrain
or fly the friendly skies
of sugar and spice ?
Through all the pleasure
and all the pain
With no one else
but myself to blame
A head in the jaws
of a heavy metal vice
Has the best of what’s left
all been spent
or left for last
on a throw of the dice ?
The spirit aflame
The soul yet to tame
The body to rust
For I do enjoy the high
skating around
this cosmic jest
Across the thin ice
On my side
always by my side
an honoured guest
who’s paid the price
for me to be
still in this game
The tour guide
upon a holy quest
All wisdom to gain
The welcoming host
reaching out
to a world that’s lost
That’s me in the corner
counting the cost
and heading out
on the road … again

Words & Artwork:
~ david redpath © 2018

10 thoughts on “On the Road … Again”

      1. hey! My name is Ananya…. “ananvats” is just my user name.
        You really have a great talent. Keep Going!
        Award winning Blogger will be too experienced ….someone like normal crowds opinion is much better for me. I value your opinion. Thank you. ….My blog looks professional, is it a good thng or a bad thing!?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. To each their own Ananya .
        A professional look is in the eye of the blogger.
        I’ve kept things simple as I’m a technophobe,
        and could do no other. But I have admired the
        graphic wizardry achieved on some sites.
        I feel it’s the Art that is paramount, the content.
        Be it the written word, or graphic expression.
        ( Or the call to rebellion )
        The rest is window dressing. And The content
        should be You. Your freedom of expression boldly
        on display. Short and sweet, or long but relevant.
        For there are plenty just chatting away …
        and time on line is a precious commodity.
        All the best Ananya. I’ll be reading you in the future.
        ~ David R.


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