My Word


Words of the absurd
… devoured by birds
Words that leave me
… lost for words
Words that some
don’t want to be heard
Words of hate
Words of poison
Fateful words
Words of division
Words that can build a wall
Words designed
to make you feel small
Words of destruction
Words that are spoken
creating only a prison
Words mistaken
For the sake of words
people forsaken

Words of freedom
Words of wisdom
Ambitious words
… put on exhibition
Words alarming
Words disarming
Words loud, proud
… and demanding
Hollow words
Words that really
should never count
Words used like swords
Words by which
you are held to account
Words of a sermon
standing on the mount

Words of a curse
Words of superstition
Words of thanks
Words of blessing
Words of thanks
for a life given
Words sung
with a fatal rhythm
Words of truth
Words that are broken
Words overheating
Words transmitted
and bleated too often
A time for words
… retreating
Words of history
always repeating

Words of joy
Words of creation
Words of sadness
Words unspoken
Words of passion
The power to flower
the power of expression

Words of forgiveness
Words healing
Words shining
throughout the darkness
of a sleepless night
Words redeeming
Words that are beyond
and out of sight
Words of freedom
taking flight
with words of liberation
taking place
Words of love
Words of grace
Words from far above
this time and space

Words and Image:
~ david redpath © 2018

11 thoughts on “My Word”

  1. Polonius: What do you read, my lord?

    Hamlet: Words, words, words.

    Sick of dealing with Uncle Claudius’ turds 💩
    The prince picked up a book of prophecy and read David Redpath’s words
    The answer to “what is Hecuba to him?”
    is that we are living in a world of chronic sin
    and sometimes a work of art will cause us to pause
    and examine what happens when we break God’s laws.


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