Can you measure
a bird of flight
by the weight
of a single feather ?
Can you look
into the face of a child
and not see
the deepest treasure ?
A time of purpose
beyond worldly surplus
the yet to be
hero of great valour
More precious
than gold or silver
that wide eyed innocence
The loving potential
of the truly essential
… Imaginessence

At times we all get it wrong
In the weakness of the body
we can still be spirit strong
The mountain ahead
and the power to leap it
Man, you know you who are
and to whom you belong
Finding joy in the presence
The attaining
of true happiness
In essence
we are all made
at the core
from and for
that divine
… Imaginessence

The very best version of oneself
always there below the surface
Slow and steady
with wisdom
from within
the living heart
of holy mindfulness
Upon tasks anointed
and appointed
Deeds that echo
with consequence
beyond the callous
Loving mercy
Doing justice
with a rock solid defence
from behind a mask
of peaceful resistance
The motherhood
of loving patience
With that smile
of amazing graciousness
The glowing radiance
magnifying significance
… Imaginessence

The doing of hard time
It don’t come easy
Life is not a soft serve
nor a sugary drink
All bubbly and fizzy
Yet, dream big baby
under the heavens
To tunnel the flood
down funnel visions
The water of life flowing
to the house of the living
For across the road
a fire is burning
Knowledge swelling
with voices many
“If you cannot
bring good news,
then don’t bring any !”
The loving word
better heard in a smile,
a tear, a kiss, a caress
To drive away all fear
the real deal
without pretence
Within that divine gift
of wide eyed innocence
True love in focus
… Imaginessence

Words & Image:
~ by david redpath © 2018

14 thoughts on “IMAGINESSENCE”

    1. Thanks Lynn … And yes, I only post my own work. Otherwise I would have to rename my site ‘Highway RE Bloggery’.
      I tend to go in alternating cycles of painting and writing. But then, there is time for every purpose under heaven.

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