Secret Happiness

Secret Happiness
Crossing oceans vast
Navigating the flowing
and swollen rivers
the Siren’s song
through a past
of smoke and mirrors
Your spells
your scent
bid me hither
to the Bridge of Sighs
where and when
my lovely lies
The joy of arrival
The pain of your leaving
A question of survival
Always clinging
to hopes stirring
of our next awakening
with destiny ascending

The bliss
upon your lips
where the wild winds blow
like kissing the eternal
through the spout
of a tornado
In the cool breeze
of a towering inferno
I’m drowning
in the vanilla
of your essence
The depths transcendent
A hint of celestial mint
from some distant
exotic planet
Your after glow
in the undertow
heaven scent
with the lava flow
The smooth groove
that deepest vent
from way down below
A pyroclastic event
to blast the snow
from off my peak
melted, steamed,
and spent
The monsoonal rain
steady and slow
quenching the earth
In verdant pastures
a seed of love
to sow gently
With your
guardian angel prayers
and your
Arabian night whispers
let love grow
in the dignity
of pure intimacy
The gift of pleasure
to bestow

You were but a dream
passing by in the sky
while I slept
upon a rocky shore
With those eyes
of emerald green
and the smouldering
of a golden molten smile
my happiness
came shining
through an open door
All style
and merciful grace
Always the promise
of so much more
My treasure
beyond measure
you will always be
my sauce of pleasure
Sweetest Bella
yours is the face
that launched
my starship
heavy with desire
into outer space
You put my roadster
once impounded
into orbit
a celestial pit stop
Particles charged
Girl, could we ever
get any higher?
The sky lit
before the burn up
upon re-entry
to a bountiful
heavenly body

To delve the calm
in the eye
of your perfect storm
To be unraveled
upon a road less traveled
To touch the Sun
to feel the flame
to be undone
Hand in hand
the becoming
reuniting as one
in life’s adventure
the parts seem to be
greater than the sum
With you my Bella
I forget
all the stormy weather
To risk the harm
arm in arm
To every heart given
found only by some
I’ll always remember
whatever is to come
Soulmates summoned
by the Spirit true
That love
of the bold
to have and to hold
in the resplendent
shape of you

x x x

Words & Images:
~ david redpath © 2018

‘Transcend Gender’
~ by david redpath

26 thoughts on “Secret Happiness”

  1. Hello David, refreshingly different… with passion does the fountain of your love flow….. “Awake O North Wind; and come, thou South; blow upon my garden, that the spices thereof may flow out. Let my beloved come into his garden, and eat his pleasant fruits”. Song of Solomon 4:16 KJV.
    Thank you for visiting my site.
    Ad Crucem Christi

    Liked by 2 people

    1. … My lovely wife and I have been on a blessed high, through life’s ups & downs, for quite a while. So I’m looking forward to the next stage ! The passion of youth distilled with the wisdom of age.
      Thank you Kenzie for your comments ~ David

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My fellow and I have known each other since age 5, traveled from kindergarten through high school together, but didn’t unite until 12 years ago, after he divorced, and my husband died. We both wish we had hooked up in school, because we are so good together. Aging, befallen with illnesses, we can only dream what life would have been like for us, “if only”.

        Liked by 2 people

      1. Thankyou for classifying me as a good friend. I hope I am. I keep finding new thoughts within your poetry. And so often you are expressing so much of what I would like to express. But you keep your balance. You are a prophet and a visionary. Smile

        Liked by 1 person

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