Lovers ~ Before & After


Isis of Crisis
The silken road
of Afghan calm
that led me to Isis
The Queen Supreme
of my Karma Crisis
Born of a desert storm
and a broken seance
There patiently
she waited for me
at the Mirage Oasis
Greeting me in style
with her crystalline smile
and a “Hello Sailor!
Any port in a storm?”
As the Blue Nile
was bleeding down
my starboard arm
Seeping in from the ink
under our shedding skin
to the steps
of her gilded throne
In that river delta
of helter skelter
the sediments of passion
all turning to stone
Fossilized in sentiment lost
The reflections
of her mirrored face
appeared without a trace
As my life lines
were fully erased
then held for ransom
The life of
a thousand deaths
A thousand deaths
to live again
where the saltwater
meets the desert sand
The flood waters rising
Her love dissolving
the wild child
of stormwater
in the cauldron
of her fiery baptism
Upon a barren crest
a starburst shattered
in the wilderness
of a frozen desert
As the scars
of an ancient thirst
softly whispered,
“For the love of God,
we could do you no harm.
Within that still
beating heart
against our sting
of tempted fate
was placed a golden charm.”

But my heart
was no longer in it
I was left bereft
in a bohemian attic
Remembering only
her forgotten music
And drinking goldfish
at the shopping mall
of all things plastic
When Captain Ahab
came to me and said,
“Forget the goldfish.
Let’s go hunt for whale!
And remember Ishmael,
God himself, he is
always listening
regardless of where
you’re sailing
and who’s bell
ye be ringing.”
So I thought, why not?
I’ll go along,
as the committee of glum
was sounding a false alarm
Erasing the ‘Tit’
from the prow
of the Goodship Titanic
With a shout from the stern
as from an iron pulpit
“Original sin
from the depths is rising!
And Isis,
what’s that your smoking?”
Guilt sinking in
a cold Atlantic panic
The firstmate succumbing
to a freezing of the brain
Leaving Isis
in a vegetative state
Time to escape
About that time
the lone sailor hit the fan
With an inner voice
giving a choice
of pure rebellion
I was made first grade
by the great ‘I AM’
No need to apologize
to any zealous man
amongst the dead
or the quick
Yet I soon lost my lust
for whaling
after harpooning
the elusive Moby Dick
So, as from a flock
of rapacious raptors
I ran back
down the track
to that silken road
of Afghan calm
Awaiting the Uber Rapture
as my juggling days
all but over
Swept over the falls
balls and all
into a whirlpool of desire
Yet the familiar
never ever
felt quite the same
Forever given
a loving taste
of the great beyond
with forgiving grace
Isis sits patiently
under trees of palm
as she orders
her favourite cocktail
‘Revenge upon
the Dunes of Ruin’
And reciting
from her Book of Harm
a blessing for Ishmael
the sailor of fortune
Four sheets to the wind
and under full sail
as he plies
life’s turgid ocean

~ by david redpath © 2018


The Transit of Venus

Venus gliding
upon the waves
Step aboard
my unworthy vessel
my rapacious Rapunzel
With hair flowing down
wild from a golden crown
Mere words can only fail
What the heart knows
but can never tell
Love like a silken flower
upon an ivory tower
rising up from stony ground
Deep within
with heavy sighing
to the heavens gasping
“Oh God!”
that ‘little death’
of love … resurrecting
with each living breath
Ever giving life meaning
beyond rhyme and reason
The hours redeeming
with full blown passion
Celebrations sacred
In unity worshiping
This heart has known
the broken floor
and the open door
A spirit united and ignited
touched by the Presence
The transit of Venus
across my horizon descending
A dollop of heaven sent
upon a scollop shell riding
A shot of loving grace
Time itself trembling
in the vacuum of space
That love from above
I just can’t quit it
I’m in the thick of it
Love without question
as she turns
a tantric glance
in my direction
leading me to burn
A heathen reborn
upon the threshold of heaven
Leaving me love sick
My earthly kingdom for
an everlasting touch
of true love’s perfection

~ by david redpath © 2018

‘Venus Rising From the Sea’
~ by Titian

Photography: david redpath

47 thoughts on “Lovers ~ Before & After”

      1. Ours don’t just sting, they slime … with acid.
        I’ve only been seriously ‘slimed’ once.
        I thought my heart was going to stop.
        But all things considered, the splash of
        saltwater is worth it. Keep on paddling.
        ~ David

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Not at all! 😄 I didn’t want to repeat my other comment, but Your work fascinates me as I quite literally, physically feel I’m being transported. Today is was a roll of waves. Probably sounds crazy! But Your words are vessels. I’ve not experienced quite the same thing with poetry before. Different people’s work touch me in different ways….but Yours is so visceral. Really cool!!! 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Thank you very much Katy
        for your encouraging words.
        I don’t know what to say,
        but I’ll say it anyway …
        To write it, I first had to live it.
        To seed the imagination with
        experience, and let the process,
        the Dreamtime of the Spirit,
        do the rest. ~ David

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks 4 reading …
      Like a coin, I felt the word ‘Rapacious’ has two sides.
      The uncaring, devouring beast … like a Raptor.
      And a lover who is jealous for your love.
      If your lover isn’t ‘grasping’ and ‘greedy’ for you,
      then perhaps you have but a good friend
      … with benefits.
      I did want to use the word in two lights.
      Thanks again for noticing. ~ David

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Beautiful narrative poems.

    I’ve often wondered whether any one in our time is capable of writing an epic poem like Homer’s Iliad, Virgil’s Aeneid or Milton’s Paradise Lost.

    Reading these two poems of yours, I think you’re one who’s capable of doing it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Too, too kind Dracul.
      We sit and tremble
      upon giant shoulders.

      I had a bash at Paradise found,
      after being lost …
      with Homer as the host.
      When you’ve plenty of time,
      Dracul, check out my
      ‘Used Lover Blues’ post
      … if you’d be so kind.

      Liked by 1 person

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