That Dragon Tattoo


Toads a’ croaking
The sugarcane high
Fools rushing in
where the angels
fear to fly
Doors broken
thrown open
Eucalyptus trees
torn asunder
in the claws
of electric thunder
from a cyclonic breeze
Bells toll for the souls
strung out on the line
Then hung out to dry
in the doing of hard time
Yet not a word of goodbye
so what could I do ?
She gone with the man
with that dragon tattoo

I seen him hanging around
at the old truck stop
on the outskirts of town
She looked into his eyes
when he stopped her to ask
… Was she going his way?
He had a face like a mask
A peddler of snake oil
just passing through
Mayhem ‘n’ venom
was the man
with that dragon tattoo

The preacher was preaching
mannered and mild
Saying foolishness bound up
in the heart of the child
But who can you turn to?
What can you do
when it’s you who
was born to be wild?
Too bitter to swallow
It pierces straight through
She gave her arm to the man
with that dragon tattoo

“There’s no meaning to life”
… some people say
It’s true sometimes
you can see it that way
Some rush to the strange
while others make do
There’s a sting in the tail
of that dragon tattoo

The floodwaters
once a’ raging
in the distance
now receding
Yet her loneliness
in the silence
never leaves me alone
Visions of fire
Dreams made of stone
Smoke on the water
Flame to the spoon
There’s a cross
in the ground
under a blood red moon
A lonesome track
to a dark racecourse
Someone is out there
beating on a dead horse

Is this existence
just a witness
to the undertaker of crime?
Or is life in the living
the sowing and the reaping
a privilege divine?
Had she heard the Word
faithful and true?
Yet she never said a thing
so what could I do?
There’s blood on the trail
of that dragon tattoo

~ by david redpath © 2017

Inspired by Bob Dylan’s
‘Man in the Long Black Coat’

PhotoArt: david redpath © 2017

19 thoughts on “That Dragon Tattoo”

    1. Thank you very much Charlie.
      I was just ordering a new dictionary
      to enable me to assimilate your
      intriguing writings. My old one
      fell far short. Even my Rune Stone
      was stumped. Guess I’ll just have
      to use my imagination, if that’s O.K.?

      Liked by 2 people

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