Introducing David Redpath – Is She … ?


Is she
a love refugee?
From behind a veil
upon a prevailing trail
that has led her to me
My very being
With me
will she be
… satiated?
Is she soul free?
Is she emancipated
from that old man
… of slavery?

As some men
are driven
striven upon the winds
of blind confusion
to take and to break
the fruits of creation
Leaving only
a tide high
of destruction
Upon the ocean
of love’s perfection
a lonesome wake
For heaven’s sake
take care … beware
Naked and exposed
That’s the risk
she should never take

As for me …
is she to be
my conscience
of compassion
My soul companion
clear through
to eternity?
Across the sea
of unbridled passion
with a love
you just can’t forsake
My lucky star of destiny
is this predestination?
A burning fusion
you just can’t fake
This deal must be real

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