Mr. Fire-ring Philanthropy
of the Wall Street Diddle
and magnate
of all things plastic
that float upon the sea
to whom do you compare?
31 million light years away
the Whirlpool Galaxy!
Somewhere way past
the Milky Way’s middle
and the black hole
for star dust to recycle

As the quantum leaps
the physics of mechanics
masters of the known universe
praying to manifestations
of the Perpetual Parallelogram
whilst paying their taxes
to Never Never Land
Like sunshine on the shoulder
of Mr. Mandala
The black tie-dyed dysfunction
misfiring on all cylinders
across energy dark oceans
Scouring the cosmos
for the lingering cinders
of big bang smoke rings
Leaving nothing but
trails of toxic compost

All creation unfolding
The pleasure of her planets
beyond all measure
tasting the royal blue
starlight of Rigel
Antares … Mu Cephei
and Canis Majoris
An explosion
of symphonic sampling
The pollen from…

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7 thoughts on “SUNSHINE MANDALA”

  1. Working in nursery rhymes with financial fraud
    Old woman in shoe evicted by Mammon god
    some might find this poem rather odd
    but it’s very contemporary and mod.
    The nursery rhymes looked
    as Mother’s goose was cooked
    along with the accounting books.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yes, there is no business
      like big funny business.
      Let’s get on with the show.
      Thanks 4 your Nursery Crime,Chris.
      Just hope the Face of Bo Ok
      ain’t listening!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Yes …Putin is
        the ‘Ball Tamperer of Spin’.
        He should be bowling for the
        Australian cricket team !
        With Julian Assange as
        the captain. But only If played
        at the Ecuadorian embassy,
        in London.

        Liked by 1 person

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