The Seamstress


The Seamstress
in a state of distress
Her beautiful dress
delivered all disheveled
to the wrong person
at the wrong address

A world
of things broken
Lives out of balance
Compassion forsaken
To the Seamstress
. . . it seems
the sugar and spice of life
always beyond her grasp

Tribal taboos
and those voodoos
in a hoodoo trance
Then dressed in the drag
of religious intolerance
A cat o’ nine tails poised above
the servery of slavery
in the dungeon of hell’s kitchen
Wielded by the initiates
of submission
with what they dismissively
call ‘love’
Please trans relate this
Surely true loving justice
should be raceless,
casteless, classless,
and yes … genderless?

The Seamstress
of broken bliss
A stitch in time
behind a darkened blind
where fear is the X-Factor
Where the All Victorious
and even the lowly scrofulous
demand there be a loser
Is freedom of expression
only for those deemed worthy
of a hollow blessing?
The self righteously repressed
openly loathing
yet secretly longing for
the Seamstress’s caress

The Seamstress
wishing not only
to have sewn
that flowing wedding dress
but to have been
the glowing princess
Arm in arm
with her shining prince
All in a dream
The colours of the rainbow
they should all be mine!
with glitter and lace
elegance and grace.
Can you see me shine?’

Just a dream
for the Seamstress
to leave behind
life’s raggedy mess
Born with the wrong body
Abused on the street
… and at home
to the wrong family
An accident of birth?
The Seamstress a seeker
of beauty and truth
In her deepest weakness
there is strength
A light that shines
in the furthest darkness

Another new morning
The Seamstress serene
proud and unbroken
dons again her dark shroud
Forever transforming
A train to be catching
city and soul bound
Faceless and anonymous
blending into the crowd
‘When will I ever be free?’
the Seamstress seems
to be forever pondering
‘Like that person,
so bright and loud,
sitting right next to me.’

~ by david redpath © 2018


‘Transcend Gender’
~ by David Redpath © 2017

Photo from Twitter

50 thoughts on “The Seamstress”

  1. David, a beautiful composition of recognition. The X-Factor: fear, sadly plays both sides of the fence, the feared (motivated by fear) and the fearful. Here’s to light and brightness for all. Terrific image, and a wonderful painting!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thank you very much, Mia.
      I’ve had that pic filed away in the back burner
      for the last year, since it was misused for a
      Right Wing propaganda campaign. It then,
      happily, became an icon of satire and rebuke,
      backfiring against the forces of division.
      So I waited for the smoke to clear, and the
      bulldust to settle.

      Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Walt.
      I did a fair bit of editing with this one, but
      that phrase was always staying in.
      I’ve since had some pruned bits crying out
      for inclusion. I was attempting some self
      discipline in not making it too long.

      Liked by 3 people

  2. Brilliant work, David, I have no other words. Love the exquisite choice of words, the double rhymes that remind me of some Jack Kerouac’s, the reflective thoughts, the powerful message, the voice you give to the Seamstress in italics and the photo that portrays our current society, where the two characters sitting next to each other feel so unadjusted. Loved it!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you very much, Marta.
      I read ‘Dharma Bums’ when
      quite young, and could never
      get the Kerouac out of my head.
      Been on the road from
      Desolation Row on Route 66
      throught to Mexico City ever since.
      With just the
      subterranean homesick blues
      and Jack for company.
      Thanks for your thoughts, Marta.

      Liked by 3 people

    1. Chris, are u barking mad?
      To be stitched up
      and locked up
      in the knockoff purse
      of the Kardashian curse
      From Euro trash to Royalty
      is in the tea leaves of
      the Seamstress’s destiny.
      Out of the Bagdad
      of the big bad …
      Uncloseted and care free.

      Liked by 3 people

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