An Allegory . . .


‘An Allegory with Venus and Time’
… by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo


Meanwhile …
here on Planet Earth
A feline on the prowl
to the beat on the street
of an Allen Ginsberg howl
The walk, the talk, to stalk
To click the mouse
of an indiscreet meet and greet
Then hiss the growl
with some lone wolf
of nondescript sandwich meat


Time wounds all heels


“Hi Heels! Need a lift? Hop in”

PhotoArt: david redpath © 2017

42 thoughts on “An Allegory . . .”

      1. Hahahaha brilliant. And he is now immortalised. You should not have told me. I imagined he was an old companion who you visited in Spain. Or someone you met and exchanged memories with. Ha. Exchanging memories… What a concept. Thanks for inspiring this. Now, I’ll drop that line into a poem soon.

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