Sailing High in Creation


Riding the bounds
Sailing high in creation
Things that astound
on the wing
in the deep
under the ground
Yet consciousness
hard up against the glass
of this broken existence
A spirited defence
yet only token the resistance
at the cutting edge
of forsaken circumstance

Always the destination
long distance
Life and death
upon a razor’s edge
and out of balance
What are the chances
upon the dire straights
of consequence ?
Only Hope … Faith
and above all … Love
within a grand plan
making a true stand
above and beyond
all the push & shove
Overtaking the road rage
of an out of control
high speed age
Making the difference
Gracefully spanning
the endless distance

beyond subsistence
And with spiritual resilience
joining the Resistance
From weak to strong
The Blessing
a journey long
fighting for the right
through the darkness of night
to the days of clear light
With life overflowing
and flowing over
this material existence

The eternal reprieve
I believe in Equality
Liberty & Fraternity
in the Spirit of unity
In diversity with generosity
through Christ Jesus
the author of all eternity

Sailing high in creation
past the tempest
upon the open seas
and all 360 degrees
of the deepest separation
Jesus Christ
my journey of destination
Infinite destiny
in every direction
Riding the bounds
Sailing high in creation

~ by david redpath © 2017

Artwork: ‘Survey No.3’
~ by david redpath © 2017


A Reflective Study of
‘Le Oranti'(The Worshipers)
~ by Antonio Santagata

41 thoughts on “Sailing High in Creation”

  1. I’ve been sailing and seen Eleven Shades Of Ocean Sunrises, and a wondrous Circumference of endless horizons, and I’ve stuck with a missing Stroke, Who’s left To Row The Boat, and as I keep on sailing to the edge, I wonder about creation and finality of my high seas.

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    1. Thanks for that, Ivor.
      For those who go to sea;

      “Oh, the time will come up
      When the winds will stop
      And the breeze will cease to be breathin’
      Like the stillness in the wind
      Before the hurricane begins
      The hour that the ship comes in

      And the seas will split
      And the ship will hit
      And the sands on the shoreline will be shaking
      Then the tide will sound
      And the wind will pound
      And the morning will be breaking

      Oh, the fishes will laugh
      As they swim out of the path
      And the seagulls they’ll be smiling
      And the rocks on the sand
      Will proudly stand
      The hour that the ship comes in
      ~ Bob Dylan

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    1. Thanks exceedingly, Charlie.
      I thought you had gone away
      on a Taliban bowl made of china?
      Or that Chlorofluorocarbon
      ride to the sky you had taken?
      Only to find someone had
      fiddled with my notification

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Charlie, I think I may have
        worked for the same firm once,
        ‘Heavy Metal Toxins ‘R’ Us’.
        Hard to write when the
        brainstem in soaking in regurgant detergent.
        Toxins in, Russian envoys out.
        Like jobs, they come and go.
        Glad to read your beaming 😀
        poetic posts 📪 again ~ David.


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