From the Tate


On the banks of the Thames,
beyond the doors of the Tate,
seen through the haze
of a London heatwave,
the Post-Modernist of Fate
painting it all black.
Trying hard to forget
the brushstrokes of regret.

Old Father Time
a facilitator of crime?
Mother of Nature
and the truly sublime.
Time is a mystery
What was it? What is it?
What will it be?
The scientists, the philosophers,
the quantum mechanical physicists,
just can not agree.

Time is an ocean
that ends at the shore
like a deep blue sea.
Yes, it is said,
youth wasted upon the young.
Yet, in truth,
without the sweet
summer memories of youth,
those days of carefree fun,
winter’s reminiscing
would bring no warmth.
Life is a privilege.
Life is a-happening thing.
Keep on keeping on
choosing the offering,
till the setting
of the evening sun.
Plenty of time for regret
when the day is done.

~ david redpath © 2018

‘Southbank in Red’

David Redpath © 2018

71 thoughts on “From the Tate”

      1. It is a fantastic poem, I’m glad I reminded you.:) writing does the same for me, and it’s good to repost, you have some great poems back here that many haven’t seen. 🙂 safe travels

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  1. Your art work is superb
    And I find your poem
    Full of warmth and inspiration
    The finale is truly insightful
    “Life is a privilege.
    Life is a-happening thing.
    Keep on keeping on
    choosing the offering,
    till the setting
    of the evening sun.
    Plenty of time for regret
    when the day is done.”
    I’m happy that you’ve reposted and I got the chance to have a read.

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  2. Wow. I love this poem & the underlying simplicity with which it flows into the reader’s mind. Indeed, life & time are two mysteries we’re bestowed with, the answer to which even the greatest scientists can’t figure out.

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    1. Thank you, Nameera, for
      taking the time, to read and respond to my poem.
      Yes, scientist are now in a
      lather trying to decide whether
      ‘Time’ is fixed, broken, or
      speeding up?
      Is it a fundamental or an emergent phenomenon?
      I need a watch that’s universal!

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    1. When it comes to time, E.C.,
      I subscribe to the String Theory;
      How long is a piece of string?
      The big end is coming,
      or is it just beginning?
      Is time a Removals Van,
      full of tomorrows, slowly
      reversing over, and over again,
      a piece of string?


  3. My heavens David! If we could only just jump into your art! What a wonderful time that would be. Love it. I really liked your poem as well. There is an ease with your poem that I like. It takes me on this little trip, so lovely and full of thought. Thank you

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  4. Life is many a thing, and in many a thing
    Life in the sun and the Earth is its son
    Allowing to carry on, to keep on carrying on
    It’s back the very Life Life has been imbuing
    In more than one thing
    Because life is a song, and when the final tune has been sung
    Life is a silence of admiration for the piece of work the artist once sang.

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