Shades of Junk

Junk in school
Junk on the street
Junk is lurking
every place
that people meet
There’s nowhere safe
Can you stand the heat?
Best be cool
and fast on your feet
Junk that cheats
and is hard to beat

Junk piling up
in every place
Landfills full
of fetid waste
A natural habitat
for the human race?
Cockroaches and rats
are where junk’s at
Junk is ‘it’
in cyberspace
Junk all across
the internet
Breadcrumbing junk
Catfishing a flunk
junk that’s funk
gone kaput
and goes kerplunk
What the junk!?

The relic
from a Junk museum
drunk on junk
upon a rickety podium
giving it a tweet
talking the junk
Hellbent and spiked
like a Cosbied drink
The pulpit subterranean
molten junk is flowing
Junk out of sight
Junk micturating
from a great height
upon the shuffling throng
Where junk makes right
you just can’t go wrong
Junk opinions
everybody’s got one
From the cradle to the grave
nowhere to hide
junk in fashion
and worn with pride
Torn and falorn
with fleeting passion
No style or grace
Junk just happens
Junk’s in your face

Junk ‘n jail
leaving a messy trail
All too grim
and beyond the pale
A mysterious chunk
of Alien Junk
Human beings
being abducted
and locked in the trunk
by some or other
cosmic punk
orchestrating the junk
Like being conducted
somewhere ’round midnight
by a Felonious Monk
holding junk tight
Junk that floats
where hopes are sunk
Dangerous junk
Junk home grown
Junk imported
The meaning of Junk
is hotly debated
C-3PO and R2-D2
may the Junk be with you
Junk being poured
where trees once grew

Junk on T.V.
Junk on credit
Get the latest model
You won’t regret it
The junkie celebrity
gives a guarantee
And all that extra junk
that comes for free
Humans forsaken
charity forgotten
Has junk become
the greedy reality
of all things rotten?
Where junk
strikes quickly
without mercy
and conscience free
Stay tuned in
Be tuned out
to a place where pity
walks the plank
in the Big Crapple
that Big Sewer City

Junk in body
like crumbs in bed
Junk being pumped
from heart to head
Voices howling
Words are broken
Truth is scarce
and seldom spoken
Junk that grows
Junk that flows
Junk underfoot
and between your toes
The sky is smoking
The Earth is choking
That chemical fog
even a junkyard dog
can tell by the smell
of a cosmos combusting
Just follow your nose
You don’t need
no garbage man
to know which way
the wind blows

Junk in space
till the end of days
Space junk orbiting
through a toxic haze
Islands of platic
floating out of place
Four horsemen riding
Amazing disgrace
is soon approaching
The harbingers
of grand funk junk
Is it ever too late?
Is all hope sunk?
What is the real deal?
Who is the real thing?
Is it ever too late
to start recycling?

that prevaricates
that oscillates
Ophidian junk
that dances in the dark
like wriggling snakes
Junk glorified
Justice falsified
On the hunt for junk
Mall shoppers satisfied
As rivers
of effluent delivers
all that glitters
Palava Amanhã
So junk gets richer
upon a golden trail
of plastic from China
Yet the more get poorer
Like piles
of junk mail
thrown out
with the litter
Junk is in the eye
of the garbage disposer
Junk dropping bombs
across the border
A world of junk
well out of order

the junk
of a golden dragon
the Junk Man commeth
ever so charming
With the bonds of junk
that he’s been selling
Junk jewellery hanging
from the neck
of the Bling King
Too cruel
for Sunday School
taking his rubbish tip
on a global trek
Mr. Mojo rising

Lawyers lying
Bankers swindling
Big business bribing
Honesty dwindling
Politicians high flying
taking the gold pass
taking the secretary
on junkets first class
The need to exceed
with the largesse of greed
For whom the junk tolls
hell’s doorbell
will soon to be ringing
Where there is life
there is junk … But
is it ever too late
to start recycling?

Processed muck
Poly saturated junk
Junk never satiated
Junk that does a bunk
Junk degenerated
True love forged
Junk engorged
Fifty shades of junk
highly overrated
To misuse the measure
of pain and pleasure
in the refuse of abuse
Some philistine
of predatory crime
trashing a treasure
Junk indeed
in need of a spank
Junk with no love
left in the tank
Junk riding shotgun
on a garbage truck
Junk locked and loaded
in the safe of a bank

Junk on display
Junk on parade
With cash to splash
the rash and the trash
getting their junk waylaid
giving it a bash
on a garbage run
till the rising sun
The junk of your choice
all custom made
All junk great and small
it’s a hard junk
a-gonna fall

Junk is being sunk
into your personal space
since the deal went down
with a fall from grace
Truth that is pure
very hard to find
in a pile of waste
where junk runs amok
Yet even in the darkness
there is always a trace
Reaching out
and shining past
all shades of junk
from first to last

~ by david redpath © 2018

“For his sake I have suffered
the loss of all things and count
them as rubbish,
in order that I might gain Christ”.
~ a man named Paul

PhotoArt: david redpath © 2018

99 thoughts on “Shades of Junk”

  1. Sort and sift
    Cross the rift
    Between what was
    And what is
    Find the worth
    Left from dearth
    Show some love
    To our only Earth
    Break the mirror
    Seeing clearer
    Morning light
    Growing nearer
    Through the haze
    Sunshine days
    How I long to
    Count the ways

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  2. I remember a few years ago watching a music video where the female singer was shaking her booty and singing,
    “I’ve got junk, junk, junk,
    Junk in my trunk…”
    No doubt that’s the song Earth Mother Gaia 🌏 is singing these days.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. That’s how the English
        made junkies of the Chinese.
        The British East India Company
        made them hop onto the junk.
        Any more ‘banging the gong’
        and ‘chasing the dragon’
        and their boat would’ve sunk.

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    1. I have been told,
      by Betty Ford,
      that I do have an
      addictive personality.
      When I modestly
      thanked her
      she said most sternly
      that it wasn’t meant
      as a compliment !?
      Thanks, Dreamwords, for your
      most complimentary comment.

      Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank’s for that R in T.
      That’s the long
      & the short of it …
      Variety is literally
      the literature of life.
      Have you ever read Longfellow.
      They don’t call him ‘Longfellow’
      for nothing.


  3. David, what a fantastic commentary! Yes, junk is the byproduct of a greedy reality. Junk as a commodity is every day trader’s dream, while it should be a nightmare. Thankfully China’s Melamine is out of the bag, toxic non-edible disguised as edible, shame on the minds that think this sort of junk up, instead of investing brainpower towards a solution. Your words are poignant and on target. Terrific poem! ! Mia

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you muchly, Mia …
      gracious lady, and fellow wayfarer.
      Yes, I have tried,
      but in a world coated
      in cyanamide and formaldehyde,
      there is nowhere
      to safely hide.
      We have already the solutions
      to all this planet’s
      man made problems.
      Tis only the resolve
      to use them
      that is sorely lacking.

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  4. Wow, I have no words, still holding my breath… this poem is magnificiently eloquent and original, a jewel of beautifully crafted words to be read aloud at an open mic or to be performed as poetry slam for its musicality ressonates everywhere. What a great tribute to junk. At the same time, there is poignant criticism of massive waste production in today’s world and its terrible consequences for humanity. T.S.Eliot wrote “The Waste Land”, one of my favorite poems, and you, in a totally different style, have written a modern version of our current “Waste Land”. The way you have put these beautiful words together slightly reminds me (of course in a totally different way) of the poets of the Beat Generation. Your eloquence and social criticism slightly resembles “Howl” by Allen Ginsberg. As for the play on words your poem reminds me of a series of three poems by Jack Kerouac included in a book called Scattered Poems: “Fie My Fum”, “Pull My Daisy”(first and second version).

    These lines of the poem have especially touched me:

    “Junk that floats
    where hopes are sunk”

    “So junk gets richer
    upon a golden trail
    of plastic from China
    Yet the more get poorer”

    “Junk dropping bombs
    across the border
    A world of junk
    well out of order”

    And I love the double rhymes here:

    “With cash to splash
    the rash and the trash”

    I am sorry for this very long comment, but, as you see, I am really fascinated by this poem.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much, Marta,
      for your most gracious comments.
      I was raised on the works of
      the Beat Poets (I guess you
      can’t hide your upbringing)
      and I’m pleased and flattered
      to be even a mere reminiscence.
      We stand on the shoulders
      of literary giants.

      Liked by 2 people

  5. Really an awesome list poem! I love to read and write these myself. Wow! You covered the whole universe of Junk!
    Especially, loved these lines:
    “Junk on T.V.
    Junk on credit
    Get the latest model
    You won’t regret it
    The junkie celebrity
    gives a guarantee
    And all that extra junk
    that comes for free
    Humans forsaken
    charity forgotten
    Has junk become
    the greedy reality?”

    Bravo, My Friend! So well done!
    Thanks also for all your visits and views to my site. I really appreciate you spending your precious time there and hope you will continue to find my words worthy!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you very much, Charles.
      This was originally a much
      longer ‘shopping list’.
      I just about filled an exercise
      book with a draft full of junk.
      Had to throw most of it out,
      but then that’s the way of junk.
      And thanks for using your
      ‘there luctant poet’ site as a
      platform for wordpress writer’s
      to meet (still not sure what
      ‘luctant’ means?).

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Charles.
      My wife tells me I’m punching
      above my weight division?
      Trying my best to become
      a true Minimalist.
      As a coincidence, we are
      currently clearing out a
      hoard of junk, just to make
      room for more incoming.
      No idea where it comes from?


  6. Now that was a lot junk you wrote about, a thoroughly great piece of rubbish, and I really enjoyed this bit of refuse.
    “Landfills full
    of fetid waste
    A natural habitat
    for the human race?
    Cockroaches and rats”

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yes !!, I’m back, no more blinking blinking, I’m fixed, a new second-hand hand computer, all my musics back, 10 hours of the Beatles, I’m over the moon and back,… back on track.

        Liked by 1 person

  7. I just had to laugh. “…drunk on junk…”, “…fifty shades of junk…” “…junk, between your toes…” Loved ‘The Doors’ referral.

    I wish I was a poet. I just ain’t got it. This is the best I can do:
    “Good food
    Good meat
    Good God
    Let’s eat”

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The politics of division,
      festering within the cultural
      baggage of tribal superstition.
      We all need a love resurrection
      to break free of opinionated
      Preconception is the
      proud and loud mother
      of Miss Conception.
      Thanks Dorianna, for reading,
      and commenting.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I like to dig deep.
      I’ve been to Europe a couple
      of times. It’s a big trip for us
      Down Under. Planning to go
      back for much longer next
      time, go good to get tips of
      where to go from seasoned
      I’ll pursue the purchasing
      of happiness on WordPress.
      Thanks, Léa

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I never got to Oz. A few blogging friends there but I haven’t ventured that far. The closest I got was Thailand and Vietnam which I loved. However, France has been home since I arrived 11 years ago. I shall look forward to something Orwellian… Thank you David

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I got to spend a week in Paris,
        staying at Montmartre. Just
        long enough to visit the Louvre,
        Espace Dali (of course), Notre-Dame, and wander in wonder
        about. But unfortunately, not long enough to really take it all in.
        Trekking to India and Nepal
        in January. Hoping to get to
        Vietnam soon after.
        Thailand is very nice for a
        Australia is so vast, best to
        allow plenty of time, and travel
        with someone who knows the

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Ah, a tiny taste of Paris. Delicious but you haven’t been to the real France. And if you are into Dali, I am but an hour and a half from his birthplace, Figueres, Spain. There are two museums of his work one dedicated to the jewelry he created and not to be believed! You should visit other parts of France, we have much to offer.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I’m hoping to see more of
        the French countryside next
        time. And more of Italy and
        I did visit Dali & Gala”s house
        in Figueres. Like Disneyland
        on Acid! Was planning to go
        to his beach home on the coast
        but ran out of time. We were
        there mid summer, when
        Barcelona is in peak season,
        and saw the Dali gallery there.
        Planning to go back in Spring
        or Autumn when it’s quieter.
        Did get to the Picasso Museums
        in Barcelona, and Malaga.

        Liked by 1 person

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