I Just Don’t Care


I just don’t care
who you follow
the stuff that you say
and what you think
that you know
I’ve driven
that hectic traffic
from way down below
And I’ve heard
the gentle whisper
that roared
through my very soul

Have all those things
that you begged
borrowed and stole
and those people
for whom you’ve striven
taken their heavy toll?
So I don’t care
who you follow
Can they ever
make you whole?

No, I don’t care
where you’ve been
I don’t care
who you’ve seen
I just don’t care
who you follow
the stuff that you say
and what you think
that you know
I’ll love you anyway
and go against the flow

~ david redpath © 2018

Artwork: ‘Ten Years After’
~ by david b. redpath © 2018

79 thoughts on “I Just Don’t Care”

  1. Beautiful artwork and poem. I also love to go against the flow. Interestingly enough – while the first person narrator of your poem goes against the flow, doesn’t care about many things, but loves that person anyway -, your whole poem takes a genuine flow and rhythm, your personal style. It sounds very musical, with occasional rhyming that still has echoes of the beat poets like Kerouac.

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      1. Philos, like the kind that made Peter third time lucky? The poem seemed to me to sing of a force ineffable and super human. Perhaps I did not contemplate enough.

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      1. Yes, Time is emergent,
        unfolding in the here & now.
        No longer fundamental,
        as all the confused physicists
        give a collective “Wow!”.
        So we should never allow
        abstract concepts, such
        as borders, and time zones,
        to leaves us isolated, insulated
        . . . and all alone.

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  2. 🦋 It sounds like some of your followers are perfect writers and perfect readers.
    Sorry you have had a time of it.
    Appreciating other peoples writing seems so difficult by ones so perfect.
    Can you image the uselessness of every writer writing the same as every other writer? 😜
    Well, I’m not the perfect writer and I do appreciate the way other writers write so I hope you don’t mind if I follow you because I like what you write. 🙂

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  3. This has been an enlightening read, from the start of you not caring to the end of the loving caring comments. A beautiful post David.

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