The Angelic Garden

Trick or Treaters
Big Schemers and Tweeter
no need for greed
in the Angelic Garden
of infinite abundance
where the mushrooms
and toadstools
are always in season
The Candy Man cometh
with more than plenty
of that supernaturally
flavoured darkness
from a realm beyond
all rhyme & reason

Seekers of the night
searchers of the deep
following forbidden light
from a prophet’s wilderness
to a fool’s oasis
The Angelic Garden
is alway just one step
beyond mortal sight

Where charged particles
dance in patterns hypnotic
in the spaces
between molecules
under a spell poetic
So be most careful
for what you wish
through a fleeting portal
since this is where
you might just find it
As Eden itself
was taken off the shelf
and is very well guarded

In the wake
of a cosmic splash
on this ocean trip
the nemesis
of a rebellious mortal
be your very flesh
Yet the physical
your only anchor
to the world material
and all that’s temporal
So hold on fast
and best not linger
As the infrangible
reaches for the intangible
ripping off the lid
before your time
whilst serving probation
for a spiritual crime

The Angelic Triathlon
upon a lysergic surge;

· The Big Up ‘n’ Away
A holistic ballistic missile
fueled by some or other Druidic elixir
Past the verge
and gone astray
All mind baggage to purge
Best lay down
that earthen mask
as the heavens merge
if you dare to glimpse
the Angels at play
around a celestial crown
in the light of day

· The Look All Around
With eyes wide
and unbound
The White Rabbit lost
In a puff of smoke
at the speed of a sound
from the Cheshire cat
Once grasped
but never found
And when . . .
just then
in the blink
of a millennium
the mechanism
of a quantum broken

· The Trans-descental Come Down
The re-entry to relativity
of a day tripper
on a cosmic bender
past the Cape of Good Hope
via the Big Bad Dipper
upon the horns
of a convergent dilemma

Held in the Garden Natura
Hidden deep within a space
and time triangulation
somewhere beyond measure
With a good dose
of knowledge distilled
with an evil tincture
like a flowering Datura
Not for the meek
this vainglorious mixture
for the body is weak
But angels … they belong
Yet please be so kind
not to be a closed mind
behind a drawn blind
gone all worldly wrong

It was a pagan Roman Legion
that drove the Druids of old
to the edge of oblivion
As someone once said …
A house divided cannot stand

So never forget
in the Spirit
you are greater
than all you defeat
There is a war raging
whether or not
you know it
Before the music stops
and you’re dead
on your feet
look to the Book
to reserve a good seat

Till time and tide
take their toll
there is a purpose
for that emptiness
down deep in your soul
So choose wisely
your brand
of spiritual fuel
Love from above
is always close
and freely flows
from here to the eternal
as a wild wind blows

Voyagers of the night
Seekers of all creation
steer clear of the synthetic
Take care
beware of poison
with a sliver
but just a glimmer
of tantric magic
Where angels trumpet
the knowledge of darkness
along fault lines tragic
of ancient division
and with secretive insight
The doors of perception
to the Angelic Garden
cleansed only
by Holy light
Saints and sinners
losers and winners
with heaven’s love
so pure and bright
the choices many
are now and always
… black and white

Sisters and brothers
doing justly
unto one another
Loving mercy
Walking humbly
Forgiving recklessly
whilst living carefully
And most gratefully
giving thanks
to the One

When all but over
that carnival of the night
yet morning’s rising glory
still many miles away
And a warm bed
nowhere in sight
as the legs
of evening’s dregs
now beginning to sway
hang on real tight
Not all roads lead
to that shining
break of day

For we are body weak
And the angels
in spirit strong
Yet by the grace
beyond time and space
the Kingdom begins
from deep within
The rekindled remnants
from a place of innocence
of your right and wrong
the Good Shepherd
he is ever seeking
And to him only
we should truly belong

~ by david redpath © 2018

¤Adonis Left for Dead

“All forms of love, suffering,
and madness. He [the poet]
searches himself.
He exhausts all poisons
in himself and keeps only
their quintessence.”
~ Arthur Rimbaud

However, as it is written:
“What no eye has seen,
what no ear has heard,
and no human mind has
conceived” ~ the things God
has prepared for those who
love him ~ these are the
things God has revealed to
us by his Spirit. The
Spirit searches all things,
even the deep things of God.
~ Paul the Apostle

PhotoArt: david redpath
© 2018

¤’Venus led by Cupid to the
dead Adonis’
~by Jacopo Bertoia

(Eyeballs courtesy
of Salvador Dali)


60 thoughts on “The Angelic Garden”

    1. Thank you very much, Michelle.
      I think, deep down, we all
      miss the Garden of Eden.

      “The kingdoms of experience
      In the precious wind they rot
      While paupers change possessions
      Each one wishing
      for what the other has got
      And the princess
      and the prince discuss
      what’s real and what is not
      It doesn’t matter
      inside the Gates of Eden.”
      ~ Bob Dylan (Gates of Eden)

      Liked by 3 people

  1. The angelic garden is truly one step beyond all the time. It is not easy to dive deep in your verse at one go David, so I have to keep coming up for air. Might add more by and by. But I am hooked at the first sight of your art and words.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Your visionary words are extraordinary
    such powerful and wondrous imagery
    Tiredness has shadowed my thoughts
    Your poem deserves more from my court
    I’ve no energy to deal or serve
    I shall sleep upon my extra rib-curve
    The bitten apple reminds me to observe
    A morning read will awake my optical nerve
    “Yet the physical
    your only anchor
    to the world material
    and all that’s temporal
    So hold on fast
    and best not linger
    As the infrangible
    reaches for the intangible
    ripping off the lid
    before your time
    whilst serving probation
    for a spiritual crime”

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ivor, the Aussie Marco Polo,
      like Hans Solo
      flying the Millennial Falcon.
      I too need some slumber
      after much travel & wonder.
      Being a mere human
      is my sad ruin?
      Not even a handy plumber.

      Hope you’re fairing well, Ivor,
      on your Oriental expedition.
      I appreciate your generous
      comments, under trying,
      or is it flying, circumstances.


  3. I never feel worthy of reading and understanding what you write. I’ve tried taking it a bit at time, or many bits into larger bites, but the ones and the zeros just never quite tell me what your words mean, neither digitally nor analogically? There are messages to be learned and lessons to be heard, but who is the teacher here, and who is the student there? I really only just comment your many and varied colors, which make their way along their orbital paths into my Lola Skies, where they blossom like flowers in the Springtime, even while I am lost in my almost-Winter thoughts…..

    Liked by 2 people

    1. There is great beauty to be found in the Wintery light.
      Wayne, I mostly know not
      what I write. I wish someone
      would explain it all to me!
      Thanks for tracking the transit
      of verse through a kaleidoscopic,
      and at times chaotic, universe.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Very well written with profound insight, David.
    A warning to all those who would seek transcendence through the use of pharmaceuticals and hallucinogenics.
    And even those who would seek transcendence by smashing protons, electrons and atoms in a Large Hadron Collidor.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The Tower of Babel 2·0 is well
      and truly under construction.
      Soon man will have mastery
      over nature, even his own DNA.
      Then nothing will beyond his reach (the very few very rich)
      . . . until.


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