Fantastic Creatures

Like Spider πŸ•· Like Son

Honourable No.2 Son,
living in China, and Rosie
the Chilean Rose Tarantula.
A long distance relationship.

The Mountain Guardian

Very Free & Easy
River Dolphin in the estuary

Seagull Sundown

Spike the Impaler

Proud descendant of
King Charles the Spaniel

On the trail of an Echidna

Puppy in Jelly

Reclining Spirit Kangaroo

MaΓ±ana Iguana
the Lounge Lizard

Toto and Girlfriend
in Dorothy’s basket
full of Adorables

The Mystery of Cell Division

The G spot

G for Gee-raffe

Sweet Herbivore

Safari said there’d be Zebra?

Black Beard the Pirate

A lamb to the daughter

“Man gave names
to all the animals
in the beginning
…long time ago.”
~ Bob Dylan

Photography: David, Linda,
& Stefan Redpath Β© 2018

David B. Redpath Β© 2018

98 thoughts on “Fantastic Creatures”

  1. Oh David! I cannot see these much, but I can must see SOME of the colour, and your titles to them, and they are AMAZING. I love the Bob Dylan quote. Bob Dylan is hubby’s fave singer of all time. Great post David

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      1. Lol! They seem lovely, no warning needed!

        Actually the tarantula, not that bothered about. If it had been a gigantic grasshopper or something like that then I would have maybe vommitted a little in my mouth.
        Can’t stand the sight of them.
        Well there’s a useless piece of info for you about me!!

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      1. you’re welcome!
        Yes, my eyes are already peeled. They had seen a tiger snake swimming in the river here just a couple weeks ago…shudder…nothing creepier, imho, than seeing a snake swim…
        And thanks, you too!

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      2. Talk about things that make you shudder…
        I turn on the news, and then I am reminded why I don’t normally. Would much rather read posts like yours.
        Ugh, just caught a snippet today of the commission into banking…no surprises, but to see the arrogance. Sigh. But at least we live in a place where some corruption can be exposed, even if it is token.
        (I’m going to go read Phil 4:8 again ha!)

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    1. Funny story, Mark.
      I met MaΓ±ana the Iguana,
      at a resort near Cancun.
      When I mentioned that he
      should be sitting on a towel
      ( resort rules )
      he said, “Vete a la mierda!” ?
      Not speaking Spanish,
      I just smiled and handed
      him a hotel towel.

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    1. Thank you, Victoria.
      Like the C.I.A., I neither confirm
      nor deny, but I do have seven
      children. Stefan is the second
      oldest. I was eight years old
      at the time, so you are quite
      correct. I am not old enuff πŸ˜€.
      MaΓ±ana the Iguana had a
      dermatological condition that
      left his skin rather scaley.
      Too much sunbathing 🌞
      I suspect. Too rough for petting.
      The River Dolphin was a full
      sized alpha male of the pod.


      1. Seven. Oh, my. You really don’t look old enough to have one, much less seven. You are aging well.

        Maybe he needs some suntan lotion?

        The image made it look like the dolphin was small. I will look, again. I was on my phone.

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  2. What a fabulous collection of fantastic animals and photos. I especially love the Lounge Lizard. Iguanas — and lizards of all types — are among my very favorite creatures. All of the photos were brilliant, not just in color but in creativity.

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    1. Thanks for that, Judith.
      You have just convinced me
      to do a Part 2, since I left out
      a favourite reptile pic of mine.
      The iconic Aussie Blue Tongue
      Lizard. I’ll post it in time for
      Christmas, just for you, Judith.

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  3. These photos are amazing. I loved your puns too. I loved Toto’s photo especially, so like my Sputnik now off in doggie heaven. Thank you for the beauty and the smiles you shared today dear David. β™₯.

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      1. That should be very interesting, David.
        I can’t wait to see the photos.
        My vampire novel character Pan Goatee has Yeti DNA in his genetic make-up.
        Although it’s DNA from the more homicidal Siberian Yeti rather than the more peace-loving Himalayan Yeti DNA (Himalayan Yeti are famous for performing lovely renditions of traditional Nepalese dance- although these are yet to be captured on film. So that would be a first if you could that).

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, in the Himalayas they are
        very Zen (no laser machete for
        the Himalayan Yeti).
        Aparently they like to give the
        temple prayer wheels a spin,
        when no one is looking. Being
        a bit mischievous, even ringing
        the. mountain top monastery
        bells whilst the priests are
        sleeping. So I’m taking some
        motion detectors, to try
        and snap them.


  4. Sir, there’s a lot of awesomeness on your blog! And a lot of thought provoking words and images.. but I feel like I’m in The Doors movie πŸ˜†πŸ˜ stay awesome!

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