Girl, my little pearl

Meet Marta Pombo Sallés from Barcelona.
A poet partisan of Catalan Independence,
and as an accomplished belly dancer, a deft
hand with scimitar or fan … So watch out!

Girl, my little pearl
you swirl in golden waters
when you wear the highest heels
when you show your slim body
when you put on that lovely dress
when you wear that perfect make-up
when you exhibit those expensive earrings
when your fingers and toe nails are so carefully painted
when you completely remove all your hairs
(except those on your head)
when your hair is dyed accordingly
(never forget to dye it when you grow older,
you should always look younger)

Girl, my little pearl
you still want to swirl in goldern waters
when you exhibit those piercings and tattoos
though they are not still enough,
so you will want to have some more, perhaps
some botox and breast size operations too.

And girl little pearl says:

I do not want to wear high heels,
they’ll ruin my feet and back forever.
I was not born with a slim…

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33 thoughts on “Girl, my little pearl”

      1. Yes I agree with every word that she says, and it accords with my own feelings. I have commented and told her this. I wish that more people could adopt this philosophy. Great work

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      2. Yes, that is true. And to be honest, sometimes I DO just feel like putting on the red nail varnish and the lipstick etc. But in the end those things are not what matter. Yes, people DO tend to follow the herd. It gives them a feeling of security, and acceptance. Everyone beeds that, and for some it covers over many insecurities. But if it makes them feel happier and better able to cope and function, and if it makes them feel good, then who are we to judge. It is just that ultimately those things don’t matter. Life’s lessons bring you to that point sometimes 😊

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      3. I guess my stance comes from having been stripped of everything, and knowing that those things are ultimately of no value. But we ARE human. I well remember how when I first went into remission all that I wanted was the blue nail varnish (which I got) new make up, brightly coloured clithes to offset the gloom of cancer (it’s a kind of defiant act) and the one thing I REALLy wanted, and STILL DO was nice smells. Nice perfume etc. Lively smelling soaps, because cancer makes you stink. I wasn’t so blind then and now I can’t see colours. But once you have lost so much, and faced death, you truly know what matters in the end. But that does not mean we cannot have freedom of expression as long as it hurts no one else. And so now in reponse I ask, what is TRUE freedom? I guess true freedom is in being free of all those (can’t think of the word lol) trappings maybe, or insecurities.
        Lol It is red hat day today. 😃

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      4. Ha ha David. My big red hat is for painting the town red in. Have you read or heard that poem about when I’m old I will wear purple.. or something like that!

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