To Him They Belong

Down to sleep
their souls to keep
innocent and meek
Shaken into shock
by grim trauma
that seeps
from a broken gutter
Somewhere below life’s glitter
as mothers weep
innocence shattered
beyond all hope
Watch out now
Take care
Given enough rope
all things dark and fearful
… into the deep

Tell me it isn’t so
down below
where the siren sings
The hand pulling strings
Through the madness
I glimpse the enemy seething
in a hatred burning
for all of humanity
The young, the old
slave or free
subjects all since the fall
to a ruling insanity
Under the blazing sun
Under the gun
Rocks, knives, and bombs
in the hands of young children
Better a rock tied to the neck
Masters of fear
Lords of war
… into the deep

Only stardust?
Are we golden?
tarnished and broken?
Compassion lacking?
Truly nothing lost
… for good
All things to gain
Jesus loves me
Yes, this I know
His grace
his mercy
keeping me sane
surrounding me
Some things seen only
through the lens
of eternity

For goodness sake
my soul to take
back to the Garden
Loving kindness
like a forgiven mistake
The thrill of life
with great excitations
All things bright
and beautiful
Those Good Vibrations
of a Universe unfolding
Like a nurturing Mother
Expectations rewarding
of a Father loving

the Prince of Peace
needs be returning
How long?
For they are weak
and to Him they belong
Watch out now
Take care
Beware those
who in darkness reap
Yet He is strong!
The One
and only true hope
their souls to keep

Omega predators
war mongers
and religious deceivers
bottom feeders
of the shallow
and stagnant waters
all monsters that creep
destroyers of innocence
malignant tools & fools
aboard a sinking ship
given enough rope
… now into the deep

~ by david redpath ยฉ 2017

PhotoArt: david redpath ยฉ 2019

97 thoughts on “To Him They Belong”

  1. This moved me intensely David. โ€œSome things seen only through the lens of eternity.โ€ Yes, but heaven should be here and now also. And it is in humanityโ€™s hands to bring in the Good Kingdom

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    1. Thanks for sharing that, Lorraine.
      Yes, to express the anger …
      Who is ‘Mr. Duplicity’, bearing responsibility?
      Deity, humanity, or both

      “And I’m here,
      to remind you
      Of the mess you left
      when you went away.
      It’s not fair, to deny me
      Of the cross I bear
      that you gave to me
      You, you, you oughta know.”

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      1. That is always the question isnโ€™t it David. Whose responsibility is it. Some could say it is Godโ€™s for even putting the apple there. And then of course, we get all the arguments about freewill and robots. I wonder what those who live in lands where people are murdered daily would have to say about this? If of course they even could think of it when of necessity so preoccupied with grief and striving.

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      2. No divine intervention
        required. Man has always
        been more than capable of inflicting violence, slavery,
        suffering, and poverty upon
        his fellow man.
        ‘Quality of Life’,
        is a modern concept.
        ‘Standard of Living’
        is the game
        Always higher is the aim.
        Western materialism
        spiritually bankrupt.
        Is theology a luxury?
        Man has the potential already to solve all the
        the world’s man-made
        The Sermon on the Mount
        is a great start.
        We have already the intelligence, the technology,
        and the imagination to
        avoid the looming tribulation, born of
        selfishness and tribalism. In disunity there is no blessing.
        The will to overcome and
        rise above is missing.
        For me, theology is
        meaningless religion, without the personal touch
        of Jesus Christ.
        To seek first the Kingdom.
        One day, all will be concise
        and clear. In the meantime
        … hope, faith, and love.

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      3. Absolutely David. But who wants to? Not the majority because many only want their own power. But again this is often because of weakness and insecurities. Yes God made this world and saw that it was good. Sadly it got messed up. But without that free will what would we be? Complicated questions I suppose David. I agree theology might be seen as a luxury.

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      4. As you may have noticed,
        BeeZeeGee, I am often
        guilty of taking song lyrics
        out of context. I quoted
        from Alanis Morissette’s
        ‘You Oughta Know’.
        I just like the rage she
        compresses into that song.

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  2. Oh thanks David. I like hearing of new songs. I will listen to it. I am a dunce lol. I keep missing peopleโ€™s comments and replies to my comments Ha! Duh! Yes though, faith, hope and live. These three REMAIN. We lose hold of them very often, but then we always return to them. God bless you David. Enjoy your trek!

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  3. Beautiful Photoart
    by someone who’s so smart.
    Your poem breaks my heart
    as it makes me feel part
    of a story so sad;
    all wars are truly mad.
    You combine many things
    that give your poem wings
    of a powerful piece
    for a wish of world peace.

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    1. Thank you muchly,
      To sorrow one must not
      become a martyr.
      For in this broken
      forsaken world
      there is always more
      just around the corner.
      So I say today we need
      much love & laughter.
      And sorrow can wait
      till tomorrow.

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      1. By the way, my last post is a review I wrote about a friend of mineโ€™s book. My intention is to get him a few more readers as this friend has helped me so much. I think he is a very good writer who deserves more recognition (probably like you all). Perhaps you could check out this post? It means a lot to me, much more than all my humble writing attempts.
        Here is the link:ย

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  4. I often think of “better a rock…”. How accomplished humans are at creating hell on earth.
    Great post!
    (Also, I thought I had started following you a while ago, but wasn’t seeing any of your work. WP has been an interesting experience for this non techy mind ๐Ÿ™‚ )

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      1. David, you are destined
        For all things, pristine
        I honestly believe
        Your highness can never deceive
        A true blue blood
        you are
        That’s what , I and my mind perceive
        Bravo, Redpath !!

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