15 thoughts on “The extraterrestrial (Part 3) — Fighting the dying light”

  1. I believe w all my heart that we must fight the dying of the light. But I am not convinced of the human-alien breeding program (clever though the metaphor may be). That suggests evil, racism, and corruption are not aspects of humanity. Sad to say, they are. It is the reason we so desperately need a Savior in the Person of Jesus Christ.

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    1. The truth is out there, somewhere, Anna.
      For there is very little of it down here 😎
      Nitin and I were just playing around with
      a cultural pop phenomenon, favoured
      by the Hollywood Thought Machine.
      Yes, it would seem, some prefer the idea
      of aliens saving humanity, or at least a
      selected few, from the mess that we
      ourselves have created;

      “Well, I dreamed I saw
      the silver space ships flyin’
      In the yellow haze of the sun
      There were children cryin’
      and colors flyin’
      All around the chosen ones
      All in a dream, all in a dream
      The loadin’ had begun
      Flying Mother Nature’s silver seed
      To a new home in the sun.”

      Good luck with that, Neil Young.

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  2. While I’ve never given a lot of thought to E.T.’s, I believe it would be preposterous to presume there are no other forms of life out there. Nice post. I love reading something that makes me think, especially where I don’t usually go.

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      1. The astronomers have found a
        ‘Plan B’ earth like planet. It’s only
        20 million light years away. Good
        luck to those trying to get there. Yes,
        best to take care of where we are 😎


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