The Punk Poet

An evening with the Punk Poet
. . . John Cooper Clarke.


Fleeing Chicken Town, evidently.

A National Treasure
. . . if Bedlam was a nation


with Hugo Race , me . . .


and some culprits from the Wreckery.
Sadly, Nick Cave had left the country.
Edward the Axeman had also gone
missing . . . after breaking a string.


Most profoundly, the Punk Poet
asks for a coat.
So Hugo raced to offer his shirt.
As the Seeker searches for a light,
the High Lipster thanked Hugo
with a solemn benediction ;
“May your Kingdom
. . . be in Armageddon”.
Knowing that the Punk Poet
had just spent ten years
in an open-necked shirt,
I pretended not to listen.
Plus, my coat was Irish linen!


Some came for communion


Some came for enlightenment


Some came to worship


Others came to learn …
and gaze upon his Essex tan


And we all chipped in …
for an urgent blood transfusion.

God bless you John Cooper Clarke
Stay strong … Keep on keeping on.

Photos: David B. Redpath Β© 2018

41 thoughts on “The Punk Poet”

      1. oh, yeah, i remember you guys now, you used to sit behind me in teacup pinky articulation class and throw spit wads in my hair! lol amazing work i’m in love with it πŸ™‚

        Liked by 2 people

      1. I understand
        David you’ve led an interesting life
        A book I would buy in any store
        I like your Irish linen coat!
        I think you made the right decision to remain silent
        I did notice you found your signature sunglasses πŸ•Ά
        Not before we saw a rare glimpse of your eyes πŸ‘€
        Wait…is that weird that I noticed 😳
        I may have examined too close

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Love this immensely,
        The tributaries intensely,
        Contributing to rivers of rust and bone,
        While photos and poems continue to be home,
        In the body of your mind and truth.

        Liked by 3 people

      2. Thanks … intensely πŸ™
        Alas, the past is a foreign country.
        Where the fine young cannibals of
        Desolation Row did things with no
        thought for tomorrow.
        Home is where the low tide reaps
        what the high times have sowed.

        “Good friends we have,
        oh, good friends we’ve lost
        along the way.
        In this great future,
        you can’t forget your past
        So dry your tears, I seh.”
        ~ Bob Marley


    1. Actually, It was an after the show
      get together. John Cooper-Clarke
      had just performed his Punk Poetry
      routine at an Infamous St. Kilda
      venue in Fitzroy Street, St. Kilda.
      And the Wreckery (the original
      Bad Seeds) were the support act.
      Hence the bleary eyed musos.
      When Nick Cave left Australia to
      make his mark overseas, the boys
      felt abandoned. But they reformed
      as the Wreckery, and got on with it 😎


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