Angels Strike up the Band


Why the tears my dear friend?
Fear and trepidation
throughout the land
The future is coming down fast
Those good times
they just couldn’t last
A world of disorder hitting the fan

The once so high and mighty
they’ll be rocked
down in the valley
Down amid the shifting sand
All creation getting ready
The Rock steady
As angels strike up the band

Look around my dear friend
Peace and safety
nowhere to be found
Rocking every nation
The question begging
as angels strike up the band

Dry your eyes my dear friend
Let me take you by the hand
There’s a Universe a-sparkling
with galaxies a-swirling
All too beautiful
Too glorious to comprehend
Creation is getting ready
The Rock steady
As angels strike up the band

And Jesus …
He’s my main man
He’s the keeper of the keys
He sets my mind at ease
In every dimension
the 360 degrees
Love divine
by grand design
if you please?
Freedom from the oppression
that has kept you on your knees
Heaven and Earth at his command
From overture to ovation
all creation getting ready
The Rock steady
As angels strike up the band

Look around my dear friend
Jubilation in the land
Little children
woman and man
all part and parcel
of the Master’s plan
From stardust
an eternity so grand
Saints get ready
The Rock steady
As angels strike up the band

~ by David B. Redpath © 2018-19

Inspired by the lyrics of Warren Zevon





‘Musical Angel’
~ by Rosso Fiorentino

‘St.Bride’ ~ by John Duncan

‘Christ served by Angels’
~ by Jacques Stella

David B. Redpath © 2018-19

67 thoughts on “Angels Strike up the Band”

  1. Amazing artwork and words. I was a soldier for 15 years and I knew the combat soldiers. The oldtimers who drink the memories away. My father served in the Korean war and Vietnam. He drank himself to death. I tried and I was saved. A powerful and worthwhile work my friend.

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      1. It’s been exhilarating and my pleasure David.
        I imagine that mode of transport would feel exhilarating, like stepping into the Film Avatar, and mastering the dragon that rises up above all others and fights to save the Tree of Life’s Sanity.
        That parabola journey comes from all directions and Transformers aimed at that particular appointed arrows Target.
        Thank you for saying something David, because I feared I’d gone too far with you.
        Sibyl X

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  2. You definitely live for the word and the image, David. Everything you craft is always colorful, and profound in meaning, with beautiful literary and pictorial portraits of so many world realities, sometimes sad, but hope and faith never abandon the forefront in your work. Well done, my friend! Gràcies per compartir tanta bellesa i visions. 👏😊😇

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      1. Please, call the angels for us, David. Today is a sad day. Our peaceful leaders of Catalonia’s proindependence movement and our democratically elected politicians have been condemned up to 13 years in prison for sedition. Where is the sedition here if there was never any violence from the Catalan side? Obviously, the Spanish state has created and is creating a factory of fake news. They have also imprisoned 7 common citizens accused of invented terrorism. One of them is totally isolated in a prison cell since September 23, has had no possibility to speak with a lawyer, has no light in the cell and is taken outside in the last turn for dinner eating only the leftovers. Today is indeed a sad day, but also the starting point for a series of intensified NVDA (Non Violent Direct Actions). We are taking the streets peacefully and practicing civil disobedience whenever necessary. There is no other way.

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      2. The more things change,
        the more the brutal power game
        stays the same.
        As the dogs have been unleashed
        upon Kurdistan, by a President who’s
        done some unholy deal with the
        Ottoman, and doesn’t give a damn.
        One man’s patriotism
        is another man’s oppression.
        The Spanish Government is
        getting away with such repression
        of Catalan, as the ‘Free World’ is
        distracted Middle-Eastern chaos.
        And Brussels is too busy screwing
        the British Brexit.
        So much for the Idealism
        of Euro Socialism!?
        Like the Kurds, Catalonia is sadly on
        its own in the struggle for freedom.
        My thoughts and prayers are with
        you and yours, Marta 🙏💛✊

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      3. Thank you, David. Yes, we are on our own in this struggle for freedom. It has always been like that throughout Catalonia’s history. However, many revolutions triumph when the masses of the people united don’t give up. In our case, as opposed to the terrible situation of the Kurds (my thoughts and prayers for them), change suggests better, but it will be a long and hard way with sacrifices. Remember the nonviolent movements of Mahatma Gandhi, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, etc. This is the direction it is taking. And it is unstoppable now. There is no other way.

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  3. Most lovely and devotional poem,
    dear Redpath.
    So much beautiful lines which are repeated in your verse are amazing.
    “Rock steady as angels strike up the band…..”

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    1. From memory, the sculpture of an
      angel spearing the dragon was in
      the Sacré-Cœur Basilica, Paris.
      I took the pic of the army vehicle
      outside the Florence Duomo.
      Sadly the police and military were
      on high terrorist alert, but you’re
      not supposed to take photos of the
      security personnel. So I didn’t.
      The Angel Artworks are spread
      around the art galleries of Europe.
      I took them a couple of years ago,
      so I’m not sure which one was
      where, Aruna. The ‘Musical Angel’
      🎶👼plays in the Ufizzi Gallery 😎


    1. The armoured defence vehicle
      is Italian Army issue, Victoria.
      So it had only one forward gear
      . . . and four reverse 🔀 😎

      “We are stardust,
      we are golden.
      We are caught
      in the devils bargain.
      And we got to get ourselves
      back to the garden.”
      ~ Joni Mitchell


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