The Tourist 😎 Part 2

“The moving finger, having pressed
the SEND button, moves on.”
~ The Sacred e-Book of Emo Jo

Ever since inception, Mr. Smiley Face
has felt the hand of destiny upon him.
But … he’s an Emoji in a big hurry.

So Mr. Smiley set sail for Honahlee β›΅

to visit Puff the magic dragon πŸ‰

who lived by the sea πŸŒ… to petition him

for a magical transition into a real boy

of that mystical Third Dimension.

At the very mention, Puff began to cry

saying, “My most yellow friend Smiley

you are an immortal Emoji. But as a

real boy you will one day surely die☠️

Your petition for a magical transition

I most certainly deny.”

“But Puff, it would mean so much…”

came Mr. Smiley Face’s plaintive reply.

“I’ve brought you strings, sealing wax

and other fancy stuff. Is it not enuff?”

With those words Puff cried the louder

for they served only as a reminder

of his dead friend, Little Jackie Paper.

Leaving Puff to his mournful gloom,

Mr. Smiley reluctantly sailed home β›΅

Along the way, Mr. Smiley Face met

the Snow Queen Elsa, who asked him

to come play with her and sister Anna.

He really knew better, as ‘Frozen’ is a

propaganda animation, waltzing to the

tune of the Emoji’s sworn enemy, the

dreaded Disney Corporation. But out of

desperation, he asked Elsa if she could

make him a real boy in 3D. And take

him to that allusive Third Dimension.

But she just laughed and played with

him like a toy, turning poor Mr. Smiley

into a Halloween Pumpkin πŸŽƒ

The whole thing left him reeling with

a cold feeling πŸ₯Ά The Snow Queen Elsa

had toyed with him … emotionally

Something you should never do

to a locked and loaded soldier

of the Emoji Liberation Army βš”οΈ

Needless to say, there will not now,

nor ever will be, a ‘Frozen 3’ 😎

As Mr. Smiley Face’s cool style

and warm graces had melted all of

Snow Queen Elsa’s defences πŸ’™ Despite

her many cruel and unusual offencesπŸŒ€

Words & Images;
David B. Redpath Β© 2019

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