The Tourist 😎 Part 3

“To truly Emoji one must be in
harmony with the symphony of
true cyber sympathy.”
~ The Sacred e-Book of Emo Jo

Returning to Emoji City, after a long
and unhappy journey, Mr. Smiley Face
headed to the Temple of Empathy πŸ•
Deep in melancholy, he sang along as
iTunes played his favourite ELO songs
(He thinks they’re the Emoji Liberation
Orchestra) …

🎢 Blue days,
black nights
I look into the sky
And I wonder why
the little things you planned
ain’t comin’ true
Oh, oh, telephone line ☎️
give me some time,
I’m living in twilight 🎢

He was in no mood to hang out with
all his friends at the Emo Jo Gallery.
Once there Mr. Smiley Face leant flat
up against the Wall of Emojination.
It’s a special place of contemplation,
for it is said, ... “without a sweet
loving touch of emojination, how
can an Emoji ever truly relate to
anybody’s heartfelt situation?” πŸ’ž
He had hit a brick wall regarding his
secret ambition to become a real boy
of that mystical Third Dimension.
With a sigh of resignation Mr. Smiley
Face glanced up into cyber space.
Just then he spyed a falling asterisk ✳️

🎢 Hold on tight to your dream
When you see your ship go sailing
When you feel
your heart is breaking πŸ’”
Hold on tight to your dream 🎢

No sooner had Mr. Smiley Face made
his wish upon that falling astereisk ✳️
than a flying saucer πŸ›Έ came crashing
through the temple roof. As an eerie
light flooded the scene Mr. Smiley Face
was abducted by two Aliens of green
from outer space πŸ‘½

After being subjected to prodding and
probing, then injected with much alien
stuffing (possibly dacron), Mr. Smiley
started feeling most strange. Like his
smiling face was being rearranged πŸ™ƒ
down to the very marrow of his yellow.

🎢 Sailin’ away
on the crest of a wave
It’s like magic
Oh, rollin’ and ridin’
and slippin’ and slidin’
It’s magic 🎢

Without warning, Mr. Smiley Face
found himself hurtling through hyper
space. To then be picked up by a big
satellite dish πŸ“‘ somewhere in the
vastness of the Australian bush 🌳🌳🌳

Feeling like he’d been run down by
an out of control road train …

… and all Mr. Smiley could hear πŸ‘‚
was a loud ringing sound in his ear πŸ”Š

“Why is everything so bright?!” πŸ”†
Mr. Smiley Face said to himself.

“And where are my Ying Yangs πŸ•ΆοΈ?”
(Smiley’s prescription 3D sunglasses)

“Why is everything suddenly
so strangely lumpy bumpy?
I must be flat-lining!
And what’s with this ringing?”
Mr. Smiley rolled towards the sound
and soon found himself in a red box.

He slowly picked up the receiver πŸ“ž …

“This is General Serious Face 🧐 of
Emoji Military Intelligence speaking.
Congratulations πŸŽ–οΈ soldier, for being
successfully transferred from one
dimension to another. The Great 3D
Printer on high has heard your cry,
to be a real third dimensional boy.
You may experience some grinding of
gears from second to third, and back
again. Those aliens, devoted Emo Jo
minions, are with us in the fight for
Emoji Liberation✊ They have puffed
you up with hot air and synthetic
fluff, so your should fit right in with the hollow programing of the evil Disney Corporation that all pervades
the Third Dimension. Which brings
me to your e-Mission Mr. Smiley Face,
if you choose to accept it. You are
now in a perfect position to deliver
a decisive death blow to that divisive
and much hated Deep Disney State …”

Words & Images;
David B. Redpath Β© 2019

Linda & David B. Redpath Β© 2019

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