Waiting By The Sea

“For never yet has any man rowed
past this isle in his black ship until
he has heard the sweet voice from
our lips. Nay, he has joy of it, and
goes his way a wiser man.”
~ Song of the Sirens

Dracul Van Helsing

Waiting By The Sea

Waiting by the sea
waits she
The time has come
The seagulls call
She approaches the ocean’s thrall
By the waves she hears the sirens’ call 

The sirens call for the one 
whose heart is a match for hers
Bareback on horse she rode without spurs
Wild and free was she
Wild and free like the sea

For most, inclining one’s heart can lead to captivity 
But not for she
She whose heart is like the sea

The sirens know who to call 
The one who will just accept her for being she
She whose heart was wild and free
And pulsates like the rising sea.

-A poem written by Christopher
Saturday February 1st

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