From the Tate

On the banks of the Thames
beyond the doors of the Tate
glimpsed through the haze
of a London heatwave
the Post-Modernist of Fate
Painting it all black
whilst trying hard to forget
bitter brushstrokes of regret

Old Father Time
a benefactor
or a facilitator of crime?
With Mankind blinded
or simply near-sighted
to the truly sublime
Mother of Nature
on her bended knees
without reason or rhyme
Where life itself
is a thing to be endured
and measured by degrees

Time is a mystery
What was it?
What is it?
What is to be?
The scientists
the philosophers
the quantum
mechanical physicists
they just can’t agree

Time is an ocean
that ends at the shore
Where brave sailors
of the deep blue sea
sigh … and cry out for more

Yes, it is said
youth is wasted
upon the young
But without sweet
Spring memories
and those carefree days
of Summer fun
Winter’s reminiscing
would bring no warmth
with the setting
of the evening sun
Plenty of time for regret
when your day is done

Life is a privilege
Life is a-happening thing
Keep on keeping on
With much giving, and
a whole lotta receiving
Choosing to be
a love offering
to the giver of life
The living risen King

~ Words & Images;
David B. Redpath © 2018 – 2020

David & Linda Redpath © 2018-20

107 thoughts on “From the Tate”

      1. It is a fantastic poem, I’m glad I reminded you.:) writing does the same for me, and it’s good to repost, you have some great poems back here that many haven’t seen. 🙂 safe travels

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  1. Your art work is superb
    And I find your poem
    Full of warmth and inspiration
    The finale is truly insightful
    “Life is a privilege.
    Life is a-happening thing.
    Keep on keeping on
    choosing the offering,
    till the setting
    of the evening sun.
    Plenty of time for regret
    when the day is done.”
    I’m happy that you’ve reposted and I got the chance to have a read.

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  2. Wow. I love this poem & the underlying simplicity with which it flows into the reader’s mind. Indeed, life & time are two mysteries we’re bestowed with, the answer to which even the greatest scientists can’t figure out.

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    1. Thank you, Nameera, for
      taking the time, to read and respond to my poem.
      Yes, scientist are now in a
      lather trying to decide whether
      ‘Time’ is fixed, broken, or
      speeding up?
      Is it a fundamental or an emergent phenomenon?
      I need a watch that’s universal!

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    1. When it comes to time, E.C.,
      I subscribe to the String Theory;
      How long is a piece of string?
      The big end is coming,
      or is it just beginning?
      Is time a Removals Van,
      full of tomorrows, slowly
      reversing over, and over again,
      a piece of string?


  3. My heavens David! If we could only just jump into your art! What a wonderful time that would be. Love it. I really liked your poem as well. There is an ease with your poem that I like. It takes me on this little trip, so lovely and full of thought. Thank you

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  4. Life is many a thing, and in many a thing
    Life in the sun and the Earth is its son
    Allowing to carry on, to keep on carrying on
    It’s back the very Life Life has been imbuing
    In more than one thing
    Because life is a song, and when the final tune has been sung
    Life is a silence of admiration for the piece of work the artist once sang.

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    1. Things are relatively calm
      down under 🦘
      I’m walking a fine confined line,
      between safety and contagion,
      here in Australia 🇦🇺
      … thanks Chuck 😷👍
      But we see on TV the carnage
      in Europe and America 😢
      Best stay in your cabin.
      I’m sure it’s much safer 🙏

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  5. “sigh … and cry out for more”…
    yes, crying out for more…
    and if I could, I’d give you every award…
    You’re a brilliant poet
    and blog-friend
    and artist, and observer of art,
    and of
    the human and universal

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    1. Choosing life,
      for me,
      is a daily decision.
      I can only assume,
      being human,
      that constant choice
      is not so uncommon.

      Thank you very much, Lia,
      for your positve feedback,
      and good vibrations.

      After reading your recent posting,
      I feel that there is something you,
      me, and Jesus, have in common
      … a dislike for state religion.

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  6. I love everything about this, David. My hearts are not far from where you are standing in the photos (daughter and granddaughters). We’ll be spending time together later for storytime. I can’t wait. Who is the artist of that first painting? ♥.

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    1. Yes, I’ve been reminiscing over
      happier times, Niki. Such as
      London in the summer time.
      The first picture is a ‘stylised’
      photo I took of a performance
      artist outside the Tate Modern.
      Next stop … Spain 💃🇪🇸
      Hope to see you there, Niki 😎

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      1. Wow, that’s a photo? I thought that was an impressionist painting. Nice! Such a great idea to reminisce this way. Thanks for taking us along. I remember when you were in Spain – Barcelona,right. I can’t wait to see Spain again. ♥.

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    1. A far out coincidence Katy!
      This post was inspired by a walk
      along the banks of the Thames,
      when I was picked up by a big 🔘
      soap bubble that happened along
      But the trip came to a sudden stop
      when the bubble went “POP! ” 💥💦
      And yes, Linda and I are slowly
      going crazy 😜 But safely 😎
      Thanks for asking, Katy ❤️

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      1. Thank God for big bubbles
        that ferry us away
        that blow our wild minds and make our souls sway
        “Crazy!” indeed is the word of today
        sanity’s out, bananaty stays…
        May Y’alls sweet time grow sweeter deep in Your cave
        and Your imagination provide all the roaming You crave!!!
        Sending huge hugs Y’alls way. Thanks for the smiles You gift! 🤗🦋🙏🏼🌀🌸❤️😊

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      2. “Bubbles in the water,
        bubbles in the air.
        Go all the way to the
        other side of the world.
        you’ll find bubbles there.
        Revolution even ain’t no
        substitution for bubbles.
        Since the beginning
        of the Universe
        man’s been blessed
        with bubbles 🔘”

        ~ Bubble Dylan

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  7. Thank you, Buckeye,
    with much appreciation.
    Beyond the storms of strife
    with the God of all creation
    this journey of life
    is a celebrated culmination
    in our Lord, Jesus Christ ✝️


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