The Tower of Song


With more skat
than a stray cat
can poke his eyeballs at
the punk
in the Midnight Choir
starts to twist and shout
Yet …
the All in All
all too beautiful
for even a bird on a wire
to sing about
Like that
concert hall in Vienna
where your lips
were so warm and wet
Getting a feel
of the real deal
… that love thing
Upon a mission
a royal commission
seeking foremost
the rock solid Kingdom
It all starts from within
Seizing the living moment
Best be in it
to win

And Leonard Cohen
he’s moved on
to the Tower of Song

To find truth
without love
or at least a trace
of faith and hope
like trying to climb
the highest peak
of Mount Everest
without oxygen
or even a rope
Not saying it can’t be done
but man …
sounding much like
a clanging gong
in the Temple
of a world gone wrong
Or have I found
that love thing?
From the mire
of the dire basement
that we’re standing in
try as you might
to sight the heavens
across the endless skies
Far better
in the light
seeing the world
through heaven’s eyes
Heart and Soulful
Holy Mindfulness
is the rightful place
where we all belong

And Leonard Cohen
he’s moved on
to the Tower of Song

I too
have tried
in my way
to be free
If it be your will
then let it be
here on earth
they sentenced me
to forty years of mayhem
for spying
the celebrants
of sin
Tell me
where does
this world end
and the next begin?
I don’t like your
toxic culture mister
And I don’t like
the choir
you’re singing in
I don’t like Big Brother’s
twisted little sister
The King
of everything
He’s coming back
He’s coming to reward them
The King of hearts
and minds
the Prince of Peace
But first
we seek the Kingdom
Then let freedom ring

And Leonard Cohen
he’s moved on
to the Tower of Song

I’ve been buried
and I’ve been dug up
I call it grace amazing
You called it dumb luck
And thank you
for those items
that you sent me
The stone monkey
and the ink
under my skin
I’ve tunnelled
towards the light
and now I’m ready
we occupy the Kingdom
let the revolution begin

Yes … Jesus was a sailor
when he walked upon the water
Seeking the lost at sea
and the drowning
The stranger
the gambler
and me

And Leonard Cohen
he’s sailing on
to the Tower of Song

Through all
the rise and fall
the pulp fiction
from hell’s kitchen
I really like
to walk
that tightrope, baby
I really like
to hear
those Sirens sing
But to see that nightmare
of deception
prowling through creation
Jesus told us
yes he told us
Kingdom starts with

Remember me?
I use to to live
without rhyme or reason
Remember me?
I plugged your Hi-Fi in
You loved me as a loser
You’d hate
to ever see me win
With Christ Jesus
my ship has finally
come in
No longer tied
to a kitchen chair
With a Glory
and a broken Hallelujah!
But first
we take the Kingdom
Losing it all to win

And Leonard Cohen
he’s moved on
to the Tower of Song

I’m counselled
by a whisper
from the heavens
Once I was blinded
by visions in a spin
Now it’s …
So long Chicken Maryland
That frozen turkey
who nearly did me in
For now I’m guided
by the beauty of creation
and a thirst
for the Kingdom
where I first heard
those angels sing
Jesus told us
yes he told us
Kingdom begins within

And Leonard Cohen
he’s singing along
from the Tower of Song

~ by David B. Redpath © 2017-20

‘La Musica Sacra’
~ by Luigi Mussini

David B. Redpath © 2017-20


1,696 thoughts on “The Tower of Song”

  1. famous stories about plaster casts
    they had to mix up more
    in a rush forgot the curls
    Jimi started a habit
    that day
    or some damn shit
    busy remembering
    civil war dates
    for an exam
    don’t know about enjoying more
    100% mind everything less
    come to class with luggage
    people curious about my legs
    questions about airport security
    a toe-tapping penis
    my supplements have supplements
    balloons of every color
    cheerful and optimistic genitals
    the faucet of libido gushing
    welcoming any invitation to dance
    standing up or otherwise
    (+) sex: disagreeing gracefully

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Short and curly stories
      lost in the cracks of history
      Jimi and his bad habits
      discharged from the army
      for discharging indiscriminately
      Apparently it was a crime
      to be caught toe-tapping
      with some imaginary foxy lady


  2. dreams about having a packed suitcase
    ready for a quick getaway
    met a new man today
    fabulous shoes
    long, long toes
    he was like the best cigarette I ever smoked
    instantly I was charmed and crazy in love
    how divine to combine adrenalin
    and pure meth from a lab
    twice, the Olympic stud
    (+) I heard him in the bathroom weeping

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ” a comforting feeling of solidarity with friends”
    and I am thinking………..acquaintances ?
    friendship has dwindled to well nigh zilch
    the dance floor empty
    people who wore aberrations on their feet
    where have they gone ?
    someone somewhere monitors deterioration
    I have several folders under different names

    Liked by 1 person

  4. you think that you know someone
    and then suddenly
    a surprise visit
    and OMG
    dead relatives
    stacks of bodies dried and deformed
    some you could identify, others total strangers
    everything became a blur, delight turned to demise
    colliding thoughts
    mental somersaults
    Leonard Cohen was there
    naked, his genitals fully exposed
    perhaps it was a weird test, Noah drunk

    Liked by 1 person

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