The Tower of Song


With more skat
than a stray cat
can poke his eyeballs at
the punk
in the Midnight Choir
starts to twist and shout
Yet …
the All in All
all too beautiful
for even a bird on a wire
to sing about
Like that
concert hall in Vienna
where your lips
were so warm and wet
Getting a feel
of the real deal
… that love thing
Upon a mission
a royal commission
seeking foremost
the rock solid Kingdom
It all starts from within
Seizing the living moment
Best be in it
to win

And Leonard Cohen
he’s moved on
to the Tower of Song

To find truth
without love
or at least a trace
of faith and hope
like trying to climb
the highest peak
of Mount Everest
without oxygen
or even a rope
Not saying it can’t be done
but man …
sounding much like
a clanging gong
in the Temple
of a world gone wrong
Or have I found
that love thing?
From the mire
of the dire basement
that we’re standing in
try as you might
to sight the heavens
across the endless skies
Far better
in the light
seeing the world
through heaven’s eyes
Heart and Soulful
Holy Mindfulness
is the rightful place
where we all belong

And Leonard Cohen
he’s moved on
to the Tower of Song

I too
have tried
in my way
to be free
If it be your will
then let it be
here on earth
they sentenced me
to forty years of mayhem
for spying
the celebrants
of sin
Tell me
where does
this world end
and the next begin?
I don’t like your
toxic culture mister
And I don’t like
the choir
you’re singing in
I don’t like Big Brother’s
twisted little sister
The King
of everything
He’s coming back
He’s coming to reward them
The King of hearts
and minds
the Prince of Peace
But first
we seek the Kingdom
Then let freedom ring

And Leonard Cohen
he’s moved on
to the Tower of Song

I’ve been buried
and I’ve been dug up
I call it grace amazing
You called it dumb luck
And thank you
for those items
that you sent me
The stone monkey
and the ink
under my skin
I’ve tunnelled
towards the light
and now I’m ready
we occupy the Kingdom
let the revolution begin

Yes … Jesus was a sailor
when he walked upon the water
Seeking the lost at sea
and the drowning
The stranger
the gambler
and me

And Leonard Cohen
he’s sailing on
to the Tower of Song

Through all
the rise and fall
the pulp fiction
from hell’s kitchen
I really like
to walk
that tightrope, baby
I really like
to hear
those Sirens sing
But to see that nightmare
of deception
prowling through creation
Jesus told us
yes he told us
Kingdom starts with

Remember me?
I use to to live
without rhyme or reason
Remember me?
I plugged your Hi-Fi in
You loved me as a loser
You’d hate
to ever see me win
With Christ Jesus
my ship has finally
come in
No longer tied
to a kitchen chair
With a Glory
and a broken Hallelujah!
But first
we take the Kingdom
Losing it all to win

And Leonard Cohen
he’s moved on
to the Tower of Song

I’m counselled
by a whisper
from the heavens
Once I was blinded
by visions in a spin
Now it’s …
So long Chicken Maryland
That frozen turkey
who nearly did me in
For now I’m guided
by the beauty of creation
and a thirst
for the Kingdom
where I first heard
those angels sing
Jesus told us
yes he told us
Kingdom begins within

And Leonard Cohen
he’s singing along
from the Tower of Song

~ by David B. Redpath © 2017-20

‘La Musica Sacra’
~ by Luigi Mussini

David B. Redpath © 2017-20


1,552 thoughts on “The Tower of Song”

  1. young people rap and jabber religion
    themselves do not convey meaning
    Jesus pulls us back
    Satan pushes us forward
    take the confusion out of speech
    and nothing is spoken
    too tired and wretched
    to bust loose
    your worn out eyes
    they are self-explanatory

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  2. your aunts and uncles———–their shanty romances
    teeth in a cup, lights out in separate rooms
    expressions of affection
    scars around the privates
    untrodden sex
    —————–jism on the ceiling
    —————–stalactites of sperm
    fancying what never returns

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    1. Hey Noah
      where you goin’
      with that raven in your hand?

      I’m goin’ down
      to Placebo Town
      and look for some mother lovin’
      dry land

      Hey Noah
      I heard you found dry land

      A rock solid place
      where a man
      can go find some peace
      that was the plan
      Where a monotheist
      can go make a stand
      But all I found
      was sinking sand
      overrun with pagan priests
      That Placebo Town
      is on shaky ground
      built in the shadow
      of a dark side rainbow
      I see an almighty curse
      soon rainin’ down

      Hey Noah
      where you gonna sail to now?
      What other strange lands
      will you be a-finding?

      I really don’t know
      where or how I’ll be goin’
      but Edgar Allan Poe
      had better
      keep his hands offa my raven


    1. The familiar in the rear view mirror
      Headlights searching the night for
      something strange and peculiar
      Euphoria is ever out of range …
      somewhere just over the border
      Lives of quiet desperation
      ever asking the final question
      of a terminal situation
      Never silent is the waiting answer
      … for those who bother to listen


  3. dreams about twins
    who perform magic acts
    cutting each other in half
    (+) reality check: sodomy with the egg timer crying
    a single voice in the dark
    “at one time I was a whole person”
    expressive clothes and Freudian socks/shoes

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  4. just think if you had a giant hand
    Jagger could ride your thumb
    you could toss rocks
    over the moon
    someone asks you about talking suitcases
    your one weakness (yeah right)
    every year at Christmas
    a new talking suitcase
    not a factory second
    or a Dollar Store special

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    1. In Placebo Town
      where they like
      to play rough
      one often hears
      those talking suitcases
      gossiping on the rooftops
      about school uniforms
      leather accoutrements
      and the suchlike
      Fortunately for me
      my talking suitcase
      knows the importance
      of keeping secrets


  5. the nature of the developing glob of goo
    some bark at the moon
    others ride rockets
    Adam and Eve had roots in Eden
    they were fixed to God
    new knowledge
    seeded them
    (+) the urgency of that first shit

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  6. people ask me if I have stainless-steel teeth
    crustacean sounds with mechanical legs
    cellmates want to think about
    jacking off
    egotistical at 90mph
    white on white
    with little flesh color showing
    more than white, I am colorless
    a cut-out with conversational balloons

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    1. Nose rings
      are all the rage
      in a place where ordinary
      is the never ending average
      A tattoo will give you an edge
      and a piercing
      can be a real advantage
      when being led around
      Being normal is mandatory
      in Placebo Town
      so remember your heritage
      and release your inner savage
      all dressed up
      as a circus clown


  7. perhaps, I am not the first poet
    to state that
    Satan squats in France
    Gore Vidal
    fanning the fumes
    loving the response
    never too late for tourists
    white people after a bleach bath
    dark spectacles, a baseball cap
    landscapes become a mental map
    standing there
    around watering holes and shallow caves
    thinking how others are unprepared
    for something so claustrophobic
    as death
    (+) post-Auschwitz jazz

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  8. I kissed the girl with the price tag
    the guys at the pool hall
    nervously asked
    “do you know
    who you kiss,
    Michael ?”
    I’ve kissed the behinds
    of a thousand
    shanty town
    every white sailor
    around the world
    knows my name,
    Mister Lips

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  9. (+) cut up your poop
    before you flush
    sexual maturity cut up
    mixed in with the flush
    (+) a life of nonstick underpants
    derogatory remarks
    about my lukewarm wife
    who complains
    about my penis at night
    a whippoorwill
    that seldom sleeps

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  10. INCEST
    your father pounding on the window
    your mother on the other side of the car
    horrific masks of fear
    “why were you kissing your sister
    like she was a platypus ?”
    (+) the front door of romance trying to distance itself

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    1. my big sister
      would kiss with her fists
      but sadly for me
      her friends were all
      particularly horny
      and found that a piece
      of innocent spring lamb
      too hard to resist
      as they one at a time
      whispered . . .
      “Please don’t tell anyone.
      Being so young,
      this kinda thing
      is considered a crime.”


  11. Satan scrawling messages on rectal blisters
    gone to Paris to squat
    to drop turds
    from the Eiffel Tower
    material to ignite poetry
    (+) poop like you did in the electric chair
    (+) poop like you did in the cyanide chamber
    make mention of the warden’s dirty ankles
    your nude body in death
    a work of art

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