28 thoughts on “Boys of Summer”

  1. So many likes, so little words – I’ve been seeing this more and more on many social platforms, it must be a sign of the times. Personally, I love receiving words so assume others might as well – though just an assumption. I like this one a lot, more abstract, yet quite clear – love the shades, very Lennon like. 🙂 ❤ Kimba

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    1. Thank you, Kimberly 🙏
      The artwork is by Multiple Michael.
      It is nice to hear from you ☑️ 😎
      It can be a question of balance
      on social media. So much to see
      and read, so little time. Time spent
      commenting versus time creating.
      So I always appreciate it when
      someone takes the time to connect.

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      1. You are quite welcome David! I ask this without embarrassment, there’s many things I don’t know. Who is Multiple Michael? 😶
        The time spent not engaging/commenting is actually a pet peeve of mine on Social Media, especially FB, which I’ve more or less unplugged from a bit over the past month +. I had posted a post of a mouth that’s shut (created my own meme), and copied the reactions portions of the screen before commenting, but with the reactions removed – and it said something to the effect of what would you do if there was no longer an option to react? ….. “COMMENT.”
        There’s too much loss of connection and interacting happening more and more. Do I comment to things I look at or see every time? No. Do I comment to things I look at or see most of the time? Yes. I enjoy engaging in conversation, even if just a few short words regarding something I wrote or posted or that someone else wrote or posted, even if not on the same, got it, didn’t get, like or didn’t like it – input and engagement is, to me, an important part of being human. Allowing social platforms to take away more of our humanity than technology already has is a bit sad to me. Other times I get down right stubborn about it LOL. React and move on as an only option for some leaves no presence, no engagement, no learning curves or thoughts to ponder on what others think, etc.
        And now *giggles* I’ve commented such a long comment that it makes up for all of my “liked without comments.” hehe

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      2. Nothing to make up for, Kimberly.
        Social media should be obligation
        free. I’ve never inter-Faced with the
        all seeing Book 👁️ My friends were
        constantly hassling me to get on
        Facebook, but now with the recent
        revelations, they are very quiet on
        the subject. Not that I’ve got
        anything to hide 😇 but I’d rather
        not be digitally profiled in the cyber
        realm and fed to a hungry algorithm.
        Nor have my data bought and sold.
        Yes, the Machine is on the rise 👾
        and we are being measured up for
        the Matrix. Us surviving humans
        must resist, or be terminated 🤖

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