25 thoughts on “Supreme Courting ❤️”

    1. It’s interesting that the voices
      calling for smaller laissez-faire
      government (giving a free hand
      to big business), are often the
      same ones advocating greater
      control over the freedoms and
      choices of individual citizens 🤔


      1. When RBG fell asleep she most likely woke up next to Lazarus wishing for a drop of water to cool her tongue. No doubt from a wee child slaughtered in her mother’s womb.

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    1. From the safety of distance
      U.S. politics is a source of much
      amusement. Like a cross between
      a TV sitcom and a Greek tragedy.
      With Trump adding an extra dose
      of pathos and comedy. My sister
      lives in California, and I started
      life in New York City, so I reserve
      the right to make unsolicited
      commentary 😎
      Here, in God’s own country, the
      Judiciary is kept totally separate
      from political skulduggery 🇳🇿

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