The Mahatma

Blessed are the peacemakers …

“When I despair, I remember that
all through history the way of truth
and love have always won. There
have been tyrants and murderers,
and for a time, they can seem
invincible, but in the end, they
always fall. Think of it … always.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi

The site of Gandhi’s martyrdom

The Mahatma’s final footsteps

“The spirit of the Sermon on the Mount
competes almost on equal terms with
the Bhagavad Gita for the domination
of my heart.”

“Today supposing I was deprived of
the Gita and forgot all its contents but
had a copy of the Sermon, I should
derive the same joy from it as I do
from the Gita.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi

David & Linda Redpath © 2020

A declaration of liberation
that Sermon on the Mount.
Yet the Hive of Self Flagellation,
that holy cow of superstition,
has somehow turned
freedom into a millstone
around the neck of humankind.
Blessed are those
who find their way home
by choosing peace and love
over hatred and aggression.
In this world of darkness
seething with grasping greed
and mindless violence,
there are none so blind
as the hollow self-righteous.
There is a light
above and beyond
this shadow horizon
where the shallow religious
preach hateful division.
Always much to overcome
to see clearly
the bright morning sun.
More a decision
than an emotion,
love is simply
a heavenly point of view
perceived through
a mighty swell of inspiration,
like the king tide
of a surging ocean.
Be not deceived,
the opposite motivation,
that driving force of destruction,
comes mainly
from you know who
… who is too lowly to mention.
In the big picture,
according to scripture,
there’s a celestial future
of endless possibility.
It all starts with a single decision,
for there is an open invitation
from the author of eternity,
the Father of all creation.

~ by David B. Redpath

100 thoughts on “The Mahatma”

      1. Blessed are the pacemakers✌️
        That reminds me of something
        Dylan, the other Poet Laureate,
        once said (He’s the one who
        doesn’t reside in Geelong 😇) …

        I ain’t dead yet
        My bell still rings
        I keep my fingers crossed
        Like them early Roman kings

        Bring down my fiddle
        Tune up my strings
        I’m gonna break it wide open
        Like the early Roman kings

        I’ve had my fun
        I’ve had my flings
        Gonna shake ’em all down
        Like the early Roman kings

        ~ Bob Dylan


  1. Beautiful, David. I was inspired many years ago by Gandhi Ji’s devotion to the study of all religions, calling it a “sacred duty.” It is what I tried to teach my children, to find the Divine light within themselves and to see it in all others. I’m currently reading Mary Magdalene Revealed, A Christianity We Haven’t Tried Yet. It would be interesting to know what Gandhi thought of her Gospel. Thank you for sharing the photos too. ♥.

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    1. My pluralistic pleasure, Niki 😇

      I’ve read how women played a crucial
      role in the spread of Christianity, and
      that the early church regarded Mary
      Magdalene an “apostle to the apostles”.
      Centuries later some old patriarch, the
      same one who decided sex was the
      ‘original sin’, branded Mary Magdalene
      as the prostitute from the gospel story
      in order to push aside the involvement
      of women in the running of the church.
      (Big mistake, on both counts. The
      next thing you’ve got a church that’s
      an all boy’s club spruiking celibacy.
      No wonder there’s not much
      satisfaction with organised religion.)
      Yet, the fact remains that women were
      the last disciples at the cross and the
      first at the empty tomb …

      Now Mary stood outside the tomb
      crying. As she wept, she bent over
      to look into the tomb and saw two
      angels in white, seated where Jesus’
      body had been, one at the head and
      the other at the foot. They asked her,
      “Woman, why are you crying?”
      “They have taken my Lord away,”
      she said, “and I don’t know where
      they have put him.”
       At this, she turned around and
      saw Jesus standing there, but she
      did not realize that it was Jesus.
      He asked her, “Woman, why are you
      crying? Who is it you are looking for?”
      Thinking he was the gardener, she said,
      “Sir, if you have carried him away, tell
      me where you have put him, and I will
      get him.”
      Jesus said to her, “Mary.”
      She turned toward him and cried out
      in Aramaic, “Rabboni!” (“Teacher”).

      ~ Book of John

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      1. Every time I read this, I feel chills head to toe. I wrote a song about this moment. Easter Morning Mary’s Song. Do you want to read it? And David, well said about the early church decisions. =) ♥.

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    1. Gratefully received on a reciprocal
      blessing basis, Nanette 🙏 😎
      Yes, an 👁️ eye for an eye 👁️ is
      strictly old testamental. Just as a
      tooth 🦷 for a tooth 🦷 is a bit
      antidental. What if the injury was
      completely accidental 🤔 🕶️
      And yes, Linda is very good with all
      the travel photography ✈️📷 ☑️

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    1. Thank you, Praghalba 🙏
      It was quite an experience to visit
      the place of Ghandi’s martyrdom,
      in New Delhi. Despite the fact he
      was staying at a rich mansion at
      the time, he still maintained a
      simple, and very humble, existence.

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      1. I have a confession to make.
        During my visit to Gandhi Smriti
        I was wondering around the back
        garden and noticed these white
        stone footprints leading to the
        spot of Ghandi’s assassination.
        I must’ve been a bit jet lagged
        (that’s my excuse anyway) and
        assumed visitors were to walk
        upon them as a path leading to
        Gandhi’s Martyrdom shrine.
        As I did so an obviously horrified
        security guard came and explained
        that they were the last steps of the
        Mahatma, so to kindly get off them.
        But, I can now say, with complete
        honesty, that I have truly walked
        in Mahatma Gandhi’s footsteps 👣

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  2. Blessings, especially in this season to you, David, and to all yours.
    To include the vastest portion of what is yours which is all of us; and some of us, here on a different continent, under cover of snow darkness…. who know that hopeful change is coming because people went out to be the change.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you 🙏 You too, Sarah 💛
      Hopefully 2021 is the start of
      a much brighter era ( allowing
      for not too much human error 🤞)
      Big change is in the wind 🌀 🌎
      May it be mostly for the better 🤔


    1. Thank you very much, John.
      Good to hear from you too.
      The borders are open, so I’ve been
      on the run. A busman’s holiday,
      so to speak, seeking sanctuary,
      and some fun in the sun ☀️
      after an eternity of isolation ♾️ 😎

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  3. Aye, was just wondering when you would pop up again in the WordPress Sphere…glad ya did!!! I always look forward to reading your poems. This one definitely put me in a peaceful state. I could use a bit more peace and joy and cheer, guess I’ll just live vicariously through yours!! Excellent poem!!! Hope you have a Merry Christmas David!

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    1. Thank you, Cara 🙏
      You too 🎄🎁
      And glad to be of service 😎
      Like one of your Wyoming twisters,
      the eye of the storm can seem like a
      peaceful place to a ramblin’ drifter.
      2020 is moving on.
      Hopefully 2021 will be much nicer.

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  4. Dear Redpath!! You have admired
    our Mahatma Gandhi, and tbis is
    very well written. I am impressed
    you know so much. You know that
    after receiving the freedom since
    August 1947, all Indian was
    celebrating independence. Then,
    due to the partition done by British
    rulers, there was a holocaust, at the
    border of India and Pakistan, with
    much suffering. At that time
    Mahatma Ghandi was doing the work
    to try and stop the violence in those
    suffering area. Indians said he was a
    magician and messenger of peace,
    as everywhere he went a peaceful
    atmosphere was established
    automatically, without the need of
    force. So we call him the Mahatma
    (a revered holy person). Your poem
    about him and the Indian situation
    is most impressive and inspirational.
    Well done, dear Redpath.

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    1. Thank you very much, Aruna.
      Asia, the Middle-East, Africa
      … how the colonial powers ruled,
      and then arbitrarily divided up,
      or amalgamated, their captive
      territories is still causing chaos
      today. The Indian Partition was
      the worst tragic example.
      Kurdistan was torn apart. The
      long suffering Kurds are gradually
      being annihilated by those they
      were entrusted to by the Colonial
      overlords. Even the USA, under
      Trump, recently betrayed them,
      with horrific consequences 😪

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  5. I was thinking about you just the other day, wondering when we’d see another post. This one is just the message of hope the world needs right now. Perhaps if we just toss a little holy water on he who shall not be named, he will burst into flame and be gone.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My vote has been posted ✉️ 📮
      I have faith it will be counted 💦👿🔥
      Perhaps there’s more chaos to come
      before the vaccine of peace kicks in,
      but at least You Know Who 🙊 that
      unmentionable beast, is on the run.
      A change of climate is just the action
      needed to get some positive reaction🌎
      Wishing you the best for 2021, Liz 💛
      and don’t neglect to have some fun 😎

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      1. May this festive season grant
        us all a Presidential pardon…
        to laugh, to sing, and have fun.
        Have a virus resistant Christmas,
        Liz, in hope of an eternal vacation
        to come 🙏🎄♾️ 😎

        Liked by 1 person

    1. My pleasure, Joy ☑️
      And yes, my long suffering wife,
      Linda, never tires of hearing me
      say that I’ve walked in Gandhi’s
      footsteps 😎 All the best for a
      virus free vaccination season🎄
      💉💪 🎁👌🎅


    1. You too, Lara 💛☮️♾️
      And thank you for reminding me
      of a favourite Dylan lyric …

      Love is all there is,
      it makes the world go ’round
      Love and only love, it can’t be denied
      No matter what you think about it
      You just won’t be able to do without it
      Take a tip from one who’s tried

      ~ Bob Dylan / Johnny Cash

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    1. Thanks Christopher 🙏
      A quote from Gandhi is worth more
      than a box of Christmas candy 🎁🍬😎

      “You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is like an ocean; if a few
      drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean
      does not become dirty.”

      “Where there is love there is life.”

      “There is no god higher than truth.”

      ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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  6. What great pics as always; Lovely Linda is the bombastic best at capturing the cheeky but benevolent David ;)) 😎😈🙏😇👩‍❤️‍👨

    Lovely reminders in the quotes, plus some pretty deep thoughts of your own…

    “Yet the Hive of Self Flagellation,
    that holy cow of superstition,
    has somehow turned
    freedom into a millstone
    around the neck of humankind.”

    So true… it’s when we see ourselves non-compassionately that we tend to see others that way, and it self-propagates… and yes, truth and love really do win, when the true effort is made, every time… as say your next lines. Hugs and happy holidays to you and yours, and may the time together be merry and bright 🎄🎉🎶❤️🔆💚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A merrily on high to you too, Lia 💌
      Have a mile wide yuletide ☑️ with
      lots of seasonal joy on the side🎄😎
      I’m blessed beyond imagination havin’
      Linda as a travellin’ companion 💞
      Thanks for noticing & commenting 👍

      I do hope, for the sake of future
      generations, that the gyroscope
      within the human conscience will
      collectively resume functioning 🙏
      As the song goes, learning to love
      yourself 🎶 is a good beginning 💝

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for that, Kritika 💛
      Whilst many have been going
      lock down crazy, I’ve never
      been so busy. My kingdom for
      a vaccination 💉to break free
      of all this compulsory isolation.
      Then I can take a vacation and
      get back to some contagiously
      serious blogging 😎

      “Life is what happens when
      you should be writing.”

      ~ The Frustrated Blogger

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My pleasure always 🙂
        I agree with the quote. Looking forward to more posts from your end I am guessing a lot is in mind of ‘The Frustrated Blogger’. 😀
        Happy Blogging 🙂

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