Bursting forth
from the Hotel Eden
a thunderous explosion
The trembling earth
cracked wide open
as from the fiery breath
of a vengeful dragon
Smoke and dust swirling
Grasping flames
Hot tongues of venom
Shattered glass descending
as vicious rain
over everything broken
The dead and the dying
a shrine to destruction
Upon the bloodied lips
of dazed confusion
a burning question . . .
“How could a loving God
allow this to happen?”

From ground zero
down below
someone is shouting
… “Allah Akbar!”
… “Hasta La Vista, Baby.”
… “Viva La Revolución!”
The knowledge of good and evil?
Well, that’s where you’re living

Turning paradise
into a toxic mess
with demonic purpose
The broken rubble
of concrete
steel and torn flesh
in a bloody puddle
The lowest
of the terrible
action and reaction
touched by some beast
with the mark of Cain
Through the killing fields
a spreading stain
as knives are taped
to the hands of madness
The vilest of violence
bombs being strapped
to the bodies
of young children
Submission to oblivion
with no time for innocence

a surging wilderness
to clear my mind
A city of avarice
friends and family
all left behind
where the politics
of greed trumps need
in a land without pity
The extremity of privilege
amid collisions explosive
The hopeless lost
in a sea of politics
and religious divisiveness
where the trolls dolls
of antichrist
swear and curse
with candy coated lies
whilst praying for the worst
upon a rebellious nation
as it’s plastic economy
violates the very earth
upon which you’re standing
The poverty of desolation


Talking about my generation
You who believe in magic
yet scoff at the blessing?
Then treats this planet
like junk food wrapping

I believe in love . . .
with all the salad dressing
Me … who knows nothing
except Christ’s manifestation
and resurrection
I live within
a divine blessing
with an angelic covering
It is there for the taking
Along with a whole lotta love
and forgiveness
just for the asking
So tell me again
how this world’s
high and mighty
have all fallen?

The Poet Supreme
the was … and is
as in the beginning
That Kingdom within
and yet to come
Author of all creation
the Word spiritual
divinely spoken
Within the material
a vibration is harmonising
awaiting the returning
in grand expectation

Once upon
a space and time,
the Garden Living
a story in the telling?
The true poetry
of a guiding hand
Halcyon days of innocence
but a millenium
in Your eternal presence
All creation proclaims
that God is one
In unity true
we too
should be as one
under the Son
Those preachers of hatred
and division
their day will surely come

They think me mistaken
“Where is the grand blessing?”
In a world
fractured by division
by the greed of men
and terrorised
by the politics
of envy and religion
Can you not see
a great curse in action?
“Might makes right!”
But might is fleeting
Pride put aside
tell me again
how the mighty have fallen?

Left or Right
or even Green?
Better off dead
or in between
Be anxious
for no such thing
If neurotic love
the philo of pastry
or eros hasty
are not your scene?
Spiritual destitution
or the destination of destiny?
Gone tomorrow
here to stray
My cup overfloweth
Then … as ever
runneth away
The karma
of instant trauma
inflicted by global conflict
swinging at a moving target
Mankind is a love refugee
An economic migrant
pursued by the Institute
of Surplus & Deficit
forever seeking asylum
A slave to the system
chanting old slogans
of state sanctioned freedom
This world is in dire need
of a love resurrection

I’m resolved there be
a resolution
Wheels revolving
Patience fulfilling
The supreme
the sublime
the celestial solution
… Kingdom Come
May come as a shock
to that big fat con
of a global confederation?
Tell me once more
how the mighty have fallen

The Good Shepherd leading
out from under a shroud
No need for dread
along that elevated heading
far from the maddening crowd
and the ungrateful dead
Knowing not
what the future holds
… yet knowing Him
who holds the future
… forever
Looking good
in supernal splendour
No weapon forged
no spell cast
shall ever prosper

Passing over today
one who was already
left for dead
by friend and family alike
now freedom riding
A true believer
still breathing
Mount Sinai climbing
eternity glimpsing
The passion burning
in the shadow of your wing
… restoration
as spots falling
off a leopard flying.
Over a sea of trouble
your presence
in the darkness guiding.
A blaze of glory towering
My daily bread
manna sustaining
A milk and honey tomorrow
. . . envisaging
the promise of your word
forever dwelling

Yet, by the rivers
of mass communication
a captive audience
with ears bleeding
ceaselessly speaking
Sleepers walking
onlookers gazing
without ever seeing.
Always fearing the giants
of dark imaginings
Speak Lord, for finally
your wayward servant
he is listening.
Your word … life giving
Visions inspiring
with dreams divining
Your silence … deafening

The darkest hour
before the dawn
Good news breaking
upon those who mourn
A whisper deep in the night

“Hope, faith, and love,
transforms wrong into right.”

The Sun arising
People of light
children of laughter
let love shine
Turn your hearts
to one another
Day by day
the good and the bad
… yours to master

Well … that’s a decision
Truth and justice
that’s just how it is
For God will restore
the whole Earth
and give it to His children
as an endless inheritance
Empathogenesis Metamorphosis

~ by David B. Redpath © 2018-21


(my cup overflowing)

~ by David B. Redpath © 2019-21

“But let justice roll down like
waters, and righteousness
like an ever-flowing stream.”

~ The Book of Amos

146 thoughts on “Empathogenesis”

  1. I have encountered them: Those who claim enlightenment, yet pepper their speech with profanity. They know far less than they claim. Their sole saving grace is that they offer self-belief; yet, that is nothing, without an abiding faith in the Creator.

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      1. Yes, there is always hope
        to be tied to that rope
        clinging onto our faith
        so true as our God saith;
        yet “dolça” Marta is
        the way you should say this,
        ‘cos “dolça” is feminine
        and “dolç” the masculine
        of such a lovely word,
        musical as a bird,
        which means someone is sweet,
        oh, what a wondrous beat
        to read you in Catalan;
        I’ve long become your fan.
        And “moltes gràcies” means
        thank you so much, which leans
        on my heart and is good,
        everyone’s understood
        what you have told me here.
        We’ve brought Catalan near
        those who do not know it
        with just this tiny bit.
        Moltes gràcies, your gift
        fills me with joy so swift.
        Wish you have a great week
        says I with my huge beak.

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      2. Disculpeu-me, Marta.
        Of course I should’ve used
        the feminine “dolça”. I’ve
        seen you dance 💃 so no
        doubt about it. During my
        the one week I spent in
        Barcelona I was careful not
        use Spanish pronunciación.
        I was staying in the Gothic
        section, just behind the Catalán
        government building, and things
        were starting to heat up.
        Maintain the rage, but stay
        safe Marta. Change is on
        the way.

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    1. The striving for some Nirvana
      seems to be in man’s DNA.
      To get back to Paradise.
      I see cause and effect, Bojana.
      There are ‘powers and principalities’ at work
      in the world.
      To deny the spiritual is like
      a lamb saying that there are
      no wolves, so no need for
      a shepherd.

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      1. There is a strong tower
        in which there is refuge.
        A lighthouse in the night.
        My diploma of theology
        has been lost in the mail,
        so all I can do is poetry.

        “So raise the candles high
        ‘Cause if you don’t we could
        stay black against the night
        Oh, raise them higher again
        And if you do we could stay
        dry against the rain.”
        ~ Melanie Safka (Lay Down)

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  2. Every line is my favorite part!
    But I’m thankful for the good news breaking
    Sun always brings light
    Laughter and love
    It’s always a beacon
    Of relief for my eyes
    Positive news of hope David!

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  3. Love this poem, David.
    And I like the sentiment expressed it in, those in Paradise ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
    And we got what we ate.
    Knowledge of Good and evil.
    That was humanity’s punishment- getting its heart’s desire.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks Chris. I very much appreciate your sage feedback.

      Yes, for we too can
      be gods and goddesses …
      and all that vainglorious
      new age stuff. With a visit to a luxury yoga retreat,
      and a tantric mindfulness
      session with the Swami himself!

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  4. I love the poetic style you used. Most posts with religious themes are usually lengthy and boring to read. This one has a narrative and one like led me to the other and I was actually hooked. And as a Christian I enjoyed reading this and it’s different. Amazing.

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    1. Is Eden being hidden behind
      the mass of dark matter?
      Yes, this age will surely
      goe out with a splatter.
      Man himself summons
      all four horsemen,
      to reap and gather.
      No use blaming the Creator.
      When it comes to dark energy,
      it is down to you and me.
      For we have been shown
      divine love …
      There is none one greater.

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  5. I can sense such deep angst here. But you ended on a hopeful note like the good prophet of boot scoot, dancing amid the flames and destruction. Let the preachers with guns meet judgement; we’ll boogie to the tune of a new world where Benny Goodman plays his clarinet and invites us to Sing, sing, sing.

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    1. If any Benny should play the licorice
      stick to raise the dead, and the quick,
      it’s Benny the Goodman. Bennie and
      the Jets are all booked out on a never-ending farewell tour of Planet
      Yes, the universal law of reap what
      you sow will come back to bite many,
      more than some, directly on the bum.
      A slow motion dose of Instant Karma.
      Yes, my trepidation is all about the deal
      going down in the meantime. Those
      masters of war are all hellbent on
      committing a globalised crime.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. There will definitely be a day of reckoning, but I think it’ll be on that final day. This is the time when societal restraints will lose their power and many won’t reap what they sow. Some of the things happening in India (especially to women) are appalling. What’s worse is that either mob justice is handed out against the perpetrators, or they walk free, and commit a worse crime against the same victim if they wear Saffron. The best part is that we have Bhakts supporting women’s rights! They’re the ones voting for a government which will eventually put women in Saffron Burqas. The masters of war, and the jingoists, the false casteist apostles, the circus clowns masquerading a news anchors and the sheeple are all out. It’s truly a pathetic time.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. I only caught a glimpse of what’s
        going down in India when I was
        there earlier this year, but I certainly
        noticed the pervading caste system,
        and the traditional status of women.
        May true change hasten. The hope
        of a better future is with a new free
        thinking generation. No longer bound
        up in the old oppressive traditions of
        religion and patriarchy.
        Thank you, Nitin, for your insights
        and observations,

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  6. Our punishment after leaving the Garden of Eden is we got what we wanted in eating from the Tree of Knowledge.
    We became as gods knowing good and evil.
    And the truth is we humans are piss poor gods.
    For often what we think is good turns out to be evil.

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    1. Yes, humanity seems always
      ready to fall for a good story;

      “Look out your window, baby,
      there’s a scene you’d like to catch.
      The band is playing “Dixie,”
      a man got his hand outstretched.
      Could be the Führer.
      Could be the local priest.
      You know sometimes Satan
      comes as a man of peace.
      He got a sweet gift of gab,
      he got a harmonious tongue.
      He knows every song of love
      that ever has been sung.
      Good intentions can be evil.
      Both hands can be full of grease.
      You know that sometimes Satan
      comes as a man of peace.”
      ~ Bob Dylan

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    1. Thank you, Anna.
      I recently drove about 8 thousand
      miles from one end of Australia to
      the other, and across the Never Never,
      and seven plus years of drought have
      has had a devastating effect.
      Ironically, where I live in the south,
      we’ve had plenty of spring rain.

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  7. Loved the lines
    ‘Knowledge of Good and Evil?’ with the question mark
    ‘The lost and hopeless
    drowning in the sea of envy and religious divisiveness’
    Understanding is lost,
    ego and pride are never kept aside,
    drowning we all are in the ocean of greed,
    created by our ownself is the monster ‘Money’.
    Though Hope is we are dependent on. 🙂 Always love your creative style of touching the soul. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your deeply
      thoughtful comments, Kritika 🙏
      Yes, truly the love of money, the
      currency of greed, is the root of
      much of the worlds evils. Humility
      is a rarity in this age of the instant
      celebrity of superficial vanity. But
      it is well said that love conquers
      all that worldly insanity 💛

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      1. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
        ― Martin Luther King Jr., A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches

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      2. Martin Luther King Jr.
        was truly great man …

        “There was a man named
        mahatma Gandhi
        He would not bow down,
        he would not fight
        He knew the deal was down
        and dirty
        And nothing wrong
        could make it right away
        But he knew his duty,
        and the price he had to pay
        Just another holy man
        who tried to make a stand
        My god, they killed him !”

        “Another man from atlanta, georgia, by the name of martin luther king
        He shook the land
        like rolling thunder
        And made the bells
        of freedom ring today
        With a dream of beauty
        that they could not burn away
        Just another holy man
        who dared to be a friend
        My god, they killed him !”

        “The only son of God almighty
        The holy one called jesus christ
        Healed the lame
        and fed the hungry
        And for his love
        they took his life away
        On the road to glory
        where the story never ends
        Just the holy son of man
        we’ll never understand
        My god, they killed him !”
        ~ Kris Kristofferson

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      3. Ashamed that anyone who stands up with love for us we kill them. Hope love wipes away this attitude.
        Thank you for this comment. There is still much to learn. 😊🙏

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      1. Just organising a military style
        storming of the Gold Coast beaches.
        It’s summer down under. Planning
        to start the invasion on Christmas
        Day. A sneaky tactic that no one
        will be expecting 😎

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  8. Though I had moved out of NYC by 9/11, I still had family and friends living and working in the city. The experience impacted me deeply. In the aftermath, many blamed God. But the actions of mankind are the source of evil. We have the freedom to choose between right and wrong. And our choices have eternal consequences.

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    1. Since Adam and Eve in the
      Garden of Eden, a tangled web 🕸️
      has been constantly spinning.
      Despite all the grievances of the past
      if humanity could find true forgiveness
      this endless war would be over at last.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading, John.
      To know which way the wind blows
      is the beginning of divine wisdom.
      Sublime star dust riding high upon
      a zeitgeist of solid kryptonite.
      The Age of Aquarius was a bust
      after boarding a star ship of fools
      heading for a Nirvana forever out
      of sight.

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  9. Wow David this is almost overwhelming. The amount of topics you touch on which I agree by the way is mind boggling. This is beautifully written. A fast paced introspective poem about what is happening in our sick world, what is coming and how we Saints will be gathered together in God’s time. Also, did you do the beautiful painting, lovely work. Have a blessed week. Love to you and your family. Joni

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Greatly appreciated, Joni 🙏💛
      Yes, that’s a painting of mine 🎨😎
      As the Chinese say, may you live in
      interesting times. Well, the times are
      certainly getting more interesting by
      the hour. Soon it may be too much
      for the feint hearted. Fortunately we
      have access to the gift of boldness 🦁
      in the Spirit ✝️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow that is really beautiful and symbolic David. Yes, I am so grateful for my faith. We are very blessed to know the Lord. You are certainly right about the changes in the world my friend. Take good care and I am hoping you will show up in my reader now. Blessings to you and all your loved ones. 🤗🙏Joni

        Liked by 2 people

    1. Very gratifying to hear.
      Thank you immensely, Victoria.
      I was looking through a looking
      glass 👁️🌈👁️ of coloured water
      when painting that picture 💦😎


    1. Thanks for the uber positivity, Charlie.
      To virtually abstract and distract with
      some flight of fantasy, or to extract
      some factuality being subjected to reality? Is that the question of poetry?
      Espresso la diferencia, exactly 😎

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  10. Verse yet not verse. Just changing the form leaves the reader with a different kind of feeling. Blank spaces (and their lack thereof) can change one’s whole perspective of things. I liked this post, David, as always, even if it wasn’t written in the form that I’m used to.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the empathy, Tanmay.
      As a baby I was suckled by Beat
      Poetry, and taught how to speak
      by listening to Bob Dylan and
      Leonard Cohen. I guess what
      goes in will eventually come out,
      even in the form of a poem.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You had to listen to it on the street,
        or live in some dive of a jazz club
        back in the ’60. The likes of Jack
        Kerouac, and Allen Ginsberg.
        Beat poetry is the mother or rap,
        as one thing leads to another.

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