To Him They Belong

Down to sleep
their souls to keep
innocent and meek

below life’s glitter
pure evil seeps
from a broken gutter
grim trauma to reap
Innocence shattered
beyond all hope
as mothers weep

Watch out now
Take care
Given enough rope
all things dark
and fearful
… into the deep

Tell me it isn’t so
down below
where the siren sings
a hand pulling strings
Through the madness
I glimpse the enemy
in a hatred burning
for all humanity
The young and the old
the slave and the free
Subjects all since the fall
to a ruling tyranny
Under a blazing sun
Under the gun
Religious divisions
of endless hostility
Knives and bombs
in the hands
of young children

Better a rock
tied to the neck
Preachers of hate
masters of fear
lords of war
… all into the deep

Only stardust?
Are we golden?
tarnished and broken?
Compassion lacking?
Truly nothing lost
… for good
All things to gain
Rock solid
the holy mindfulness
that keeps me
totally sane
Jesus loves me
Yes, this I know
His grace
his mercy
that loving taste
of heavenly serenity
His presence
surrounding me
Some things seen only
through the eyes
of eternity

For goodness sake
my soul to take
back to the Garden
Loving kindness
like a forgiven mistake
The thrill of life
with great excitations
All things bright
and beautiful
Those Good Vibrations
of a Universe unfolding
Like a nurturing Mother
Expectations rewarding
of a Father loving

the Prince of Peace
needs be returning
How long?
For they are weak
and to Him they belong

Watch out now
Take care
Beware those
who in darkness reap
Cellar dwellers
lacking character
In broken weakness
blaming it all
on their corrupted nature
Yet He is strong!
The One
and only true hope
their souls to keep

Omega predators
war mongers
slave traders
and religious deceivers
bottom feeders
of the shallow
and stagnant waters
all monsters that creep
destroyers of innocence
malignant tools and fools
aboard a sinking ship
given enough rope
… now into the deep

~ by David B. Redpath ยฉ 2017 – 2021

David B. Redpath ยฉ 2019 – 2020

181 thoughts on “To Him They Belong”

      1. No, thatโ€™s not Narcissistic. We all say and do single things that are sorta โ€œNarcissistic-likeโ€ at times but a real Narcissist has a set pattern in which they never deviate. Lol.

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  1. A medley of primary school nostalgia mixed with an ever present anxiety for the state of this world, that’s what it felt like to me. The lines of those songs mixed with the main content was a great touch. Child labour will soon be a thing of the past. Things seem to be progressing in that aspect of our society at least, albeit slowly in some places.

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    1. Thank you for joining in for my
      bedtime prayer, Tanmay ๐Ÿ™
      Just when you think things are
      getting better, it turns out they’re
      actually getting worse, from the
      Ukraine to Afghanistan, from
      the Sudan to the Middle East,
      according to my news service
      (best not to mention US politics
      and gun violence).

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