La Coco Mojo Trobada

Looking for hidden treasure
in the doing of serious leisure
at the exotic Coco Mojo bar
I’m ordering yet another
mango mojito
whilst listening to Mojo JuJu
singing her native tongue
as that Coral Sea
keeps on brightly glistening
in the tropical morning sun

But the waitress
instead of a mango mojito
she brings me
a tall cappuccino
That rich coffee aroma
then took me instantly
to a pleasant via café

. . . somewhere in Tuscany

As I awoke
from a foreign dream
that waitress
just stood there

“All is not … as it may seem”

And it would seem
she put more than just cream
in my soporific coffee?

Was she playing with me
in some mischievous game
of chemical cat and mouse?

Appearing as if butter
wouldn’t melt in her mouth!
Yet the lilt of her accent
sounded a sweet melody
So I enquired
could she possibly
be from the old country?

She replied most emphatically,
“I am a proud Caledonian,
from the Isle of Avalon.
So, I guess you could say,
I am from the Old Country.”

Encouraged by this declaration
and feeling quite game
regarding this fair maiden
I enquired after her name

“I am Ain of Elphame,
High Priestess of Dagna.
Daughter of none other than
Lord Cernunnos and Queen Danu.”

“How nice for you . . .
A princess, and religious.”
was my crestfallen response
This one is off with the fairies
May as well skip the tip
… I thought to myself

To cut short
the discourse of this
strange conversation
I ordered a tequila
straight up
with a slice of lemon

But this errant waitress
then brought me
some rock salt
and tap water in a glass

What was with this
waitress most contrary?
I could clearly see
she possessed great beauty
But why was she being
so beastly to me?
As if to answer
my unspoken query
the waitress leant over
and whispered to me …

“I seek only to conserve
your manly prowess,
as one does
with ripe summer berries.
I did warn you earlier
of my kinship with fairies.
For I am the Horned One’s
wayward daughter,
but you may call him Bucca”

“I was concieved
upon a burst of Hades fire.
Then banished to endure
a lonely existence
amongst the mortal mire.
Cursed from birth
to neither weep, nor smile.
But to endlessly seek
the consolation
of fiery consummation
upon this forsaken earth.
And with only a soldier
of valour and fortune,
from the royal line
of Queen Boudicca born.
I am in great need
of a straight shooter.
As fate would conspire
I can see truly
you are a gun for hire.
Have no misgivings,
I mean you no harm.
So, are you now up
for some giving,
and a bit of taking?”

In the blink of an eye
an occurrence of transference
I was up and away
within a mystical convergence
Transported with diaphanous ease
as on the tail of a summer breeze
across that bridge of sighs
where she had me on my knees
with the apocolyptic ecstacy
of a smouldering golden prize
as primal urges of surging forces
merged with trembling thighs
Reaching deep
within a helter swelter
as the sky caved in
with not a thing
left to shelter
A reeling beyond all feeling
come crashing through
that blissful ceiling

Like a prayer being sung
Ain of Elphame
then spoke to me
in strange tongues
of enchanted forests
magical adventures
and great treasures to be won
upon flights beyond the sun
Mentioning only
her Fairy Queen mother
and her diabolical father
with a parting blessing …

“Your seed indeed
shall be safe with me,
as Ollathir the mighty
always protects his own.
And Cernunnos
will soon have his
long awaited grandson.
For this gift of solace
I shall leave you
still clinging to mortal breath.
And with some good advice,
so now harken.
You’ve made a multitude
of erroneous choices,
whilst listening to many
felonious voices.
It is never too late
to rewrite your fate,
or else taste the bite
of deepest regret.
Fare thee well
my dear human.
And so you never forget
that I am Ain of Elphame,
with a bolt of Taranis lightening,
and a burst of Dagna thunder,
I now smite
and cast asunder
that cosmic sign
you’ve been wandering under”.

~ by David B. Redpath © 2018-21

The apple not fallen far
from the tree … apparently.

And so looking forward
to finally meeting me.

An adventurous lad …
who’s sailed the seven seas,

and loves his little mermaid.
The pearl he plucked from
the depths of the Caribbean.

But not very healthy,
whilst keeping bad company,

and known to go a bit crazy.

But, I do have high hopes
for him yet, my beloved son
in whom I am well pleased
(… if only he’d get over
his messiah complex?).

D. & L. Redpath © 2018-21

Halloween photos;
Stefan & Alexandra Redpath
© 2018-21

178 thoughts on “La Coco Mojo Trobada”

  1. Your work is so interesting and vivid and then you have these amazing photographs. Great story written in poetic form. Nice writing David, love the photography as well. Sending you two hugs and wishes for a great week a head. Love Joni

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A much belated thank you,
      Joni 🙏💛
      I’ve been busy with several time
      consuming projects. Included in
      the pandemonium, a pandemic
      grandson (as he’s grandchild no.
      11 for Linda and myself … not
      just for being born in the year of
      Corona 2021 😎).
      In fact I’m due for a holiday, on
      compassionate grounds … so
      looking forward to catching up
      with your inspiring poetry, Joni.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. David it is good to hear from you. Hope all is well with you two. Congratulations on the both of your grandchild, oh my goodness 12 grand babies. What a blessing. Sending you both lots of love, hugs and blessings. I feel sorry for both the teachers and the students. You both take care of each other. 🤗❤️💕🙏😘

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Never been pandemically better,
        thanks Joni 😎 Yes, young Levi is
        going to be surrounded by many
        siblings and cousins 👶👶👶👶
        The two grand kids whi live with us
        have been unable to attend school
        for almost two years due to Covid,
        as we live in Victoria, Australia 🇦🇺
        the most locked down state on the
        planet 🌏 🔒

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Wow I didn’t know you were in Australia. I am so glad that your family is all right. This is a crazy time. Having children around keeps us young. Wishing the very best for your family David. Sending you all my love and hugs and prayers for safety. Love ❤️ Joni

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Thanks Joni 🙏❤️
        Yes, Australia . . . 🐨 🐊 🇦🇺
        the Lucky Lock Down Country 😎
        where many are going cabin fever
        isolation crazy. But there’s a light
        at the end of the vaccination tunnel.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I did not know it was that bad there. I am sorry. It can be very difficult. I know you two are taking good care of each other. I will say a prayer for you both to be safe. Sending you both my love. 🤗❤️💕🦋Joni

        Liked by 1 person

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