In The Navy πŸŽΆ

Top Gun … and Son 😎

I’m having Star Wars flashbacks!

Darth Stefan found that comment profoundly hilarious … Excellent!

The Royal Australian Navy πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ
could not be in butter hand βœ‹πŸ€š

Meanwhile … It’s Summer Down Under

Beach combing like a pelican with
Lieutenant Stefan … my No. 2 son πŸ–οΈ

Bugger! He still expects me to pay 😎

Copyright David Redpath Β© 2021 – 2022

Artwork courtesy of Multiple Michael Lewis
Β© 2021
– 2022

51 thoughts on “In The Navy πŸŽΆ”

    1. Thanks for the timely reminder,
      Christine πŸ™ 🎁
      Linda and I have only recently
      returned from Stefan’s officer
      training graduation, conveniently
      held at a top secret Naval base🀫
      a thousand miles drive away.
      Jarvis Bay, on the Australian east
      coast, to be precise 😎

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    1. Stefan innocently responded to
      a position vacant advertisement,
      with Royal Australian Navy, as a
      training system specialist. The
      next thing you know he’s aboard
      HMAS Cresswell naval base doing
      an officer training course! Previously
      he’d been working overseas teaching
      science where he met his wife, a
      Spanish language teacher.
      At Stefan’s last posting he was put
      in charge of the online education
      for that particular school, so the
      Navy deemed him a suitable recruit.
      Now he’s a lieutenant … for goodness
      sake, and as he keeps telling me, not
      a sailor but a midshipman …
      or something or other β›΅ πŸ€”
      Having spent the last 6 years
      working in Asia, it was high time
      for him to return home. Hopefully
      he’ll now be spending his time
      sailing a desk, no longer to roam 😎

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      1. That explains why he hasn’t gone through ADFA, he’s already got a degree.
        Midshipmen are also known as snotties – because traditionally (RN) they’re 13 years old and cry lots because they miss their mums. πŸ˜€ Stefan definitely looks more like a lieutenant than a snotty.

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