51 thoughts on “Like A Rainbow πŸŒˆ”

      1. Blue Grass never sounded so
        good, Liz. But then I guess I’m
        prejudice having been scooped
        up by Abby the Spoon Lady, who
        gave me a case of the empty
        cutlery drawer blues 😎

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      1. A local son of a beach πŸ–οΈ πŸŒŠπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘
        True story, Ivor …
        I once had a Hare Krishna friend
        who lived up a tree at Jan Juc 🌲
        A tree house he had built himself,
        with a wonderful view of the coast.

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  1. The artwork is so surreal. I liked the black and white version better than the psychedelic one, but that’s probably because I brood too much. I loved the song. I’d never heard of Molly Tuttle before, so thanks for introducing me to her.

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    1. Thanks for attending the viewing,
      Nitin. Yes, perhaps I was wearing
      my prescription sunglasses when
      doing the second version. I do
      recall being swept up in the flow
      … or was it the undertow?

      🌊 🌊 🌊 🌊 🌊 🌊

      UNDERTOW ~ by Nitin Lalit

      We’re swept away by the strong undertow
      When the current beckons us elsewhere
      Warring with ourselves and quenching spirit’s glow
      We’re swept away by the strong undertow
      We claim to know the river’s mysteries and row
      To picturesque shores but end up the worse for wear
      Because we’re swept away by the strong undertow
      When the current beckons us elsewhere


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      1. Being on a tropical sabbatical,
        by the Coral Sea, I’m guilty of
        neglecting the mail of late, Nitin.
        I had been visiting your new
        site, and just found your update.
        You are living proof Nitin that
        you can’t keep a great poet down.

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      2. I doubt I’m great. I try my best. I have a bunch of people who like what I do and another bunch who probably hate it. No problem. Just wanted to know if you received the mail. It’s good to take sabbatical. I prefer the mountains but the tropics are fine. Good food and wine lol

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      3. It’s been a cold wet winter down
        under in Australia. Anywhere warm,
        and dry, is like paradise.
        When it gets hot again I’ll probably
        be dreaming of Kathmandu in the
        dry season. Or perhap Jaipur.
        Great to hear from you again, Nitin.

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  2. Beautiful song sung by Molly on feminine similarity. Beautiful voice of Molly. You are first to put up this important point.Well done,dear Redpath!! My regards for you. Yeah,women is like the rain to water beauties in all world and life.πŸ™β€οΈπŸ™

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comment,
      Aruna. Yes, beauty is where you
      find it, so better to be seeking it πŸ‘€
      than looking for the opposite 🚫
      Le joie de vivre! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘


  3. Rumour has it that Heimdall the Norse god guarding the Bifrost rainbow bridge to Asguard once found himself in a psychotherapy group encounter session with Uncle Ernie.
    The end result was that he returned to guarding the Bifrost rainbow bridge as a drag queen.
    The Norse trickster god Loki, who saw the whole thing unfold, coined the term “She’s a rainbow” that inspired this song.

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    1. That’s no coincidence, for once.
      Uncle Ernie’s most popular drag
      show extravaganza was ‘Hammer
      Me Quickly ~Thor Love or Money’.
      It was more of a Gilbert and
      Sullivan type operetta, having an
      actual storyline, with Uncle Ernie
      playing the role of Brunhild, a
      a shieldmaiden who’d fallen on
      hard times after losing her shield
      at an after battle party (she’s
      more a Valkquery than a Valkyrie).
      Poor Brunhild is reduced to
      working the streets of Asgard as a
      prostitute under the nom de guerre
      of Bunhelder, with Loki as her pimp.
      Thor plays the role of the nice guy,
      of course, who instantly falls for
      this fallen battle maiden (with the
      face of a battle axe, as no amount
      of make-up can hide Uncle Ernie’s
      weathered countenance) and tries
      to save Bunhelder from a life of
      debauchery. Loki then conspires
      with our heroine to steal MjΓΆlnir
      from Thor as he sleeps, much like
      the Sampson and Delilah story,
      but Bunhelder is unable to go
      through with Loki’s diabolical plan
      after falling in love with Thor and
      his big swinging hammer. The play
      finishes with the entire cast (of 3)
      singing a resounding rendition of
      ‘Thunderstruck’ by AC/DC.

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      1. Wow.
        That sounds like quite the operetta to behold, David.
        I wonder if I’ll be able to watch that operetta on PBS Detroit or PBS Spokane which are the two PBS stations that one gets on Cable TV in Calgary.
        Though I imagine if the operetta is shown, PBS will wonder why their phones for fundraising have stopped ringing and why the number of new sustaining contributors to PBS amounts to zero. πŸ€”

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      2. A coincidence, Christopher, that Uncle
        Ernie’s latest drag show extravaganza
        ‘Cleopatra ~ Queen of the MΓ©nage Γ 
        Trois’, was inspired by a recent piece
        written by you. For some inexplicable
        reason Uncle Ernie has been unable to
        raise the funds to stage this culturally
        significant operetta, despite securing
        Bill Crosby to play the role of Julius
        Caesar, and Kevin Spacey starring as
        Mark Antony.
        It’s all been a bit of a mystery as to
        why Uncle Ernie’s backers all pulled
        out at the last minute, but I guess
        he’s use to that ‡️ 😎

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