Art From The Heart

let them go
line after line
let them blossom
or die on the vine
generations generating
like fish in the ocean
there is magic
in all creation
the diobolical
and the divine
the synthetic
and the truthful
poetry in motion
birth and death
the beautiful
and the hateful
feeding at the bottom
with hungry desperation
or at the top of your game
riding a high
of natural exhilaration

creation and destruction
keeping pace
the expanding universe
a continuous outpouring
of time and space
virtual experience
a human combination
of both the virtuous
and the devious
given the choice
to purse or reject
the demonic chaotic
or the angelic and gracious
the anarchy and the ecstasy
that rapture when the celestial
the all in all
deeply inhabits me
beauty is where you find it
the hard to accept
the hard to obtain
the hard to resist
the impossible to explain
for it’s man’s innate character
his fallen nature
to alternate
from one extreme to another
from the poetic
to the catastrophic
having a wayward heart
art is the expression
the foundation written
throughout human literature
ever drawing a fine line
between brother and brother
lovers and haters
between sister and sister
even mother and son
Love is art from the heart
that forever shines on
with heavenly pleasure

Words and Artwork:
~ by David B. Redpath © 2022

“Art is the lie that enables one
to realize the truth.” ~ Pablo Picasso

Portrait Artwork:
~ by Multiple Michael ©2022

51 thoughts on “Art From The Heart”

  1. Hey querido amigo Mister Redpath, what a brilliant piece of writing!!! I love it!! Man, isnt’t that just the truth what you are writing… people who let their devious out loud proud with no filter, really throw me off kilter, though, I gotta say. So go(o)d that with you, love and loving-kindness are here to stay!!!
    Muchas gracias for this artsy creation and a fabulous stop at love-station!!! Much love siempre 💚❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hola hermosa Señorita Gypsy! 🖐️😎
      Muchas gracias por su amable 💝
      All the world 🌍 is a stage being
      taken back to the stone age by
      tribal road rage. I wish we could
      turn back the page 📖 and learn
      how to righteously behave 🙏 😇
      Gracias por parar en Love Metro 🚂💖

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Hola bondadoso Señor Redpath! 😇💝
        Thanks so much for your abundant kindness
        yes – less
        BS trains all around,
        that would be very helpful,
        I have found 😅
        I very much agree with your notions
        and will soon move closer to the ocean
        to wash away the yucky road rage vibes
        So glad to be a member of your loving kindness tribe 💖🤗!
        Thank you for being my friend
        and lending me a kindness (and Bob Dylan music) hand 🙂
        Hugs!!! 💝💝💝

        Liked by 2 people

      1. True fact:
        There was a David Redpath aboard
        the first fleet to Botany Bay in 1787
        (A convict, no doubt, but I’ve been
        assured that he was no relative 🤔),
        and look what happened! 👀 The
        population is still exploding ⬆️

        Liked by 2 people

  2. To pursue or reject ,damonic chaotic or angelic and gracious;creation or destruction….Beautiful analysis of such terrible situation of present world,dear Redpath!! Very well written.but my dear!!Those all are two aspects of same you agree with me?Plz reply.🌺🙏🌺

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Pablo Picasso said that creation
      is destruction. To make one thing
      you need to destroy another. So
      Yes, that is the dilemma. We are
      all made from stardust 🌟 so we
      must do our best to shine in the
      darkness ☀️💛

      Liked by 1 person

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