In Search of Luke


In Search of Luke

Will Rey ever find the way ?
Or will she too be seduced
… by the Dark Side ?

Difficult to see.
The future …
always in motion.
The Dark Side
clouds everything.
Is there ever to be
a Jedi solution ?

For a clearer view
listen out
for that still small voice.
The one that calls you
to make a choice.
To plot a higher course.
There is a Spirit Guide
with no dark side.
For Gentle Jesus
he don’t use the Force.

This Yang and Ying,
really, it ain’t His thing.
May your search for Truth
eventually lead you
to the Book of Luke.
Not a George Lucas story.
To the true source
of all power and glory.
And may His Grace
be with you …
in your journey
throughout this galaxy.
In the balance
of your universe.

Not a pod race.
No need for warp speed,
with the Grace
beyond time & space.
More amazing than a lightsaber,
faster than the Millennium Falcon,
warmer than a Wookiee welcome,
that Grace of the Master Saviour.

His knowing …
the most becoming.
Yes, the Clone War,
it is raging.
Young or old,
time to break the mould.
To do no longer
the Storm Trooper,
with bolts of hate
from an angry blaster.
Within the calm
of a Death Star alarm
… begin the Becoming.

The secret rebel base,
no matter where you stray,
is never far, far away …
For the rebellion true,
that is looking out for you,
is eternal, and faith based.
His light shining the way.

Christ, He has paid the price.
The battle already won.
Become the Master’s apprentice.
Be His beloved padawan.

img-1568-021055032604.jpegThe Glam Rock … Supreme
(No relation to C-3PO,
for one is the Creator,
the other a machine.)

Words & PhotoArt:
david redpath © 2017

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