Hotel Roma Sacre-Coeur

From the front door
of Hotel Roma Sacre-Coeur

‘The Virgin & Child with St. Anne’
~ by Leonardo da Vinci





to Gothic Barcelona


… and ‘Natura’



‘La Belle FerronniΓ¨re’
~ by Leonardo da Vinci


Photography: David & Linda Redpath
Β© 2017-19

85 thoughts on “Hotel Roma Sacre-Coeur”

  1. Beautiful photos and… you have been to Dali’s museum (guess in Figueras) and… in Barcelona! I live so close by. Next time you come again you could read and sell your books (if you have some) at the Barcelona poetry events. Let me know in advance and I could talk to the organisers.

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    1. Thank you, Marta.
      We visited Figueras last year. Went to ‘Dali Land’,
      where wide eyed tourists shuffle around exclaiming,
      “Everything is just so surreal!”.
      We hope to go back to Catalan
      next year.

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      1. I think Spring
        is the thing
        for a Euro fling
        Not too cold
        No tourists sweating
        No queue to view
        the Picasso museum
        You can actually
        lay down
        on the beach 🌞
        instead of standing!

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      2. What’s left now is fall
        as I can recall.
        Lovely red-brown leaves
        that good nature gives,
        but also remember
        we will not surrender.
        Our non-violent fight
        will find its own light.
        After October the first
        we need to quench our thirst
        to win real democracy
        not this present idiocy.
        A season of reason
        but also of treason.
        Last fall began prison
        of innocent people.
        One day we will celebrate
        the end of this evil fate.
        Thank you for liking my last post
        on Erica Chenoweth
        One day we’ll celebrate
        the end of evil fate.

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      1. Hahaha I’ll take that label anytime. Now, drugs have side effects though. As humans. According to each body chemistry. Some work wonders, others… Toxify. Fuck David I get so inspired talking to you!

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      1. You could make a book
        of photography
        You could name it
        β€œThe Travels of David Redpath”
        I’d buy a copy.
        I might have looked too close
        You have a duel talent

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      2. Il piacere Γ¨ tutto mio!:)
        Travel is stagnant for me at the moment
        Could be why my pathways are clogged
        Either that or all the useless information floating around in there

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    1. Yes R.S., Jimmy Olsen went
      to work for Al Jazeera.
      Lois Lane was declared insane
      for the delusion her boyfriend
      was some kind of Superman.
      So I’m now proud to be
      a space press cadet, reporting
      for the Daily Off Planet 😎

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