God Be With Ye

Yes, I am angry
at the way we treat
this planet
and our fellow man
our sorry history
Yes, I am angry
like punk rock on stage
Like teenage rage
at the machine of this age
The capitalist extreme
playing the trump card obscene
Turning the tables
Burning the pages
of your judgements
turned upon a dime
by your very own crime

The well of forgiveness
dried up and broken
as advantage taken
and love forsaken
Fare thee well
and go with God
For who am I to tell ?
Since you have chosen
along the path frozen
paved with gold
for a soul sold
to wash your hands
of all responsibility
shackled in captivity
under the landfill
of destiny
So, I’ll say it anyway
Yes, I am angry
The justifications
of poverty serving
the prosperous
selfies of celebrity
Classless and free ?
to the green earth
that once nurtured me
to a world of cruelty
One day Some day
Maybe today
Too far away
for me to say
Over the scorched earth
and the fallow ground
of human consciousness
Who bears
the responsibility ?
Fact free
with false morality
and philosophies empty
Much of which
is but smart-artistry
Your answers my friend
are blowing in the wind
from the behind
of humanity
Too far gone
for the light to see ?
To hear the sounds
of new birth
that surrounds
and astounds me ?
Divine sublime creativity
Be forever mindful
of eternity
Now, so long
Maggie Mayhem
dancing all around
that maypole of destruction
The truth
beyond proof
has set me free
God be with ye

~ david redpath © 2018

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