Ukrainian Daze 🇺🇦

… by Timothy Price

David Redpath at gave me the idea to make Ukrainian Daze. The morning wonder at sunrise Sliver moon hanging over a clear…

Ukrainian Daze

It would seem that the free West
has been left in a general malaise
over Putin’s War of Aggression.
Inaction resulting in a Ukrainian daze.

Anonymous ✊ 🇺🇦

“Go back to your country!”

“Blessed are the merciful,
for they will receive mercy.”
~ Jesus

Contra Versia

The contradiction
within creation
a perpetual balancing act
with the disharmony
of destruction
That spark of oblivion
as sharp as a knife
From every dimension
in every direction
a never ending question
Salvador Dali whispering
. . .  “Everything
that is contradictory
creates life.”
Conformity is death
Imperfection breeding strife

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Utopia ~ by David B. Redpath
(acrylic on canvas) © 2018-2022

“Man is born free, and
everywhere he is in chains.
Those who think themselves
the masters of others are indeed
greater slaves than they.”

“I prefer liberty with danger
than peace with slavery.”

“No man has any natural authority
over his fellow men.”

“Everything is good as it comes
from the hands of the Maker of
the world, but degenerates once
it gets into the hands of man.”

“I perceive God everywhere
in His works. I sense Him in me;
I see Him all around me.”

“Falsehood has an infinity
of combinations, but truth has
only one mode of being.”

“What wisdom can you find
greater than kindness?”

~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau