The Game Changer

‘The Game Changer’
~ by david b. redpath © 2018

The Nature of the game
Dissolving riches ?
Fleeting fame ?
Mad dogs barking
Angels falling
A world for you to tame

Seeking the vertical
speaking on the level
the joy supernatural
In anticipation
of a foretold arrival
The Spirit aflame
Yes, with sympathy
for the devil
In deed a bad seed
Is the sum total
just a creed of greed ?
A bad deal
by ordeal
Survival just a game ?
What we need
is a love revival
Your whole world
to rearrange
To embrace the grace
and change
At great cost
to defrost
that frozen flame
Or to ever
remain the same ?
Like a force of nature
the natural born runner
shuffling through life
in a walking frame
To be captured
Or to conquer ?

~ david redpath © 2018

‘In the Eye of the Beholder’
~ by david b. redpath © 2018

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